Top 10 tips to learn java

Java has a huge learning curve and it requires a good effort to learn java. This tutorial is for the people who want to attain a certain level of proficiency in Java technology and its framework.

Here are some good tips to learn java quickly

1. Stick to the basics

This is obviously the first step. If you don't understand basic you won't able to learn java. It is always important to understand the basics of any language. You should understand basic concepts such as classes, interfaces, variables, keywords etc.

2. Learn object oriented programming

As you know java is an object-oriented programming language. Learn concepts like polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance, and encapsulation.

you need to think in terms of objects and classes.

For example: Student can have name, age, student id as attributes.

3. Master collections

Collections framework is most used in Java. You will be using it in almost every java project.

You need to learn various collections in java such as HashMap, HashSet, ArrayList etc. and how collections work internally. It is essential to learn collections internally, it provides you good understanding of basic data structures of collection

4. Learn multihreading

It is hard to master multithreading for its unpredictable output. It requires good amount of practice to learn how to create thread, thread lifecycle, synchronization. It is good idea to write programs such as Print even odd numbers using two threads etc.

5. Write basic programs

It is always good idea to practice java interview programs to learn. It will help you to get more acquaintance with syntax and logical reasoning.

6. Create small projects

You can create small project of your wish such as school management, Transport system. Identify different entities, actor and usecases and implement them in best way possible.

7. Read books

There are some good books which can help you to learn java such head first java and Effective java.

8. Learn from online tutorial

There are lot of good online core java tutorial and youtube channels which can also help you learn at good pace.

9. Browse some good Projects on github

There are many good open source projects on GitHub. You can browse some good projects, it will help you to understand some good practices on design and coding.

10 Learn design patterns

It is always a good idea to learn some standard design patterns and apply them. It helps you to understand the relationships between entities.

That's all about how to learn java programming.

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