Everyone, at some point in our lives, we have seen the need to actively seek employment. This can be an exhausting task if you do not know how to take advantage of all the options to find work or if our socioeconomic characteristics do not make it easy for us to access a well-paid job.

However, the new technologies, and specifically the internet, allow us to have a greater margin of maneuver to make ourselves visible as possible workers and that people in charge of managing selection processes know about us.

New technologies applied to job search

Many people will agree that, in times when there is a high rate of unemployment, the best way to find a new job is getting our news to reach certain people through word of mouth and informal relationships with people related to the companies that interest us. Unfortunately, we do not always have this luck, and we must dedicate several hours of our time to leave the Curriculum Vitae in companies or find the job offers that interest us most.

One of the most used strategies for only a few decades is the search for online employment. Thanks to new technologies, we can know more quickly which vacancies are offered and what are the necessary requirements for these positions.

In addition, we can look for employment far from our locality and send a large number of resumes in a short period. It is clear that competition is also high, but many of us have gotten work by this means. So it works!

The best websites to search and find a job 

But, what are the job search websites with the most job offers available? What are the online job search pages that allow us to maximize our chances of finding a job?

If you are actively looking for a job, below you can find a list with the 18 best websites to find a job.

1. Portal Parados 

Portalparados is the ideal website for people who are unemployed, as it tries to help the unemployed find work. In addition to showing us different offers that can fit our professional profile, this page offers advice, news, courses, and opinion articles, so we can maximize our potential when it comes to getting a job.

2. Jooble 

Jobble is a search engine that uses up to 60 different job search web pages in its results. In other words, it is the Google of job offers. A tool that will be very useful for those who want to maximize their chances of finding work, because it allows us to filter the labor sector that we are looking for and the areas in which we want to find employment. 

3. Domestika 

If you dedicate yourself to creative tasks related to new technologies, you should have a Domestika profile. It is a complete and intuitive website where many innovative companies recruit young talents. Essential if you are a web programmer, designer, community manager, SEO analyst, illustrator ...

4. Simplyhired 

Simply Hired is another job search engine that allows you to search and find work in almost any professional sector. Currently, this search engine has joined the Víadeo professional social network, which has 35 million users.

5. Studentjob 

If you are a student and want to find your first job or need a job to combine with your studies, this is the web you are looking for. Student job offers, published by the same companies in order to meet the work needs of students.

6. Turijobs 

Turijobs is a job and training portal specialized in professional tourism and hospitality profiles. Therefore, visiting his page you will find the latest job offers related to this sector, as well as the best courses or postgraduate courses so that you can be fully trained.

7. Michael Page 

Michael Page is an employment platform belonging to PageGroup and is a leading international consultancy in the selection of qualified, intermediate and managerial managers on a temporary and indefinite basis. If you have 3 or more years of experience in a sector, this is a very useful portal for job search. In addition, it offers salary information by sectors.

8. Laboris 

Laboris.net was born in 1999, and is the meeting point between candidates and companies, to facilitate the search for employment. It belongs to the Schibsted group, a leading group in the most important classified advertising sectors in Spain. Among them are, for example, coches.net, fotocasa.es or segundamano.es. One of the websites par excellence if you are looking for a job.

9. Jobandtalent 

Jobandtalent is a job search website that connects individuals who want to work with job offers that fit their profile. It also allows companies to find the right candidate for the position they offer, thanks to an algorithm developed by the company.

10. Indeed 

Indeed is, without doubt, one of the most recognized websites worldwide in terms of job search. It has more than 180 million exclusive users per month and has a global presence. If the offer is on the internet, in Indeed you will find it.

11. Adecco 

Adecco is a human resources company located in Switzerland, which has approximately 700,000 workers. On its website, it is possible to find the most recent job offers.

In addition, Adecco has the Adecco Foundation, a non-profit organization that specializes in the most disadvantaged groups when it comes to finding a job: people with disabilities. women and men over 45 years, women victims of gender violence, women with shared responsibilities and mothers of large families, and athletes and ex-athletes. 

12. Infoempleo 

Infoempleo.com is the second most visited job portal in Spain, with more than 900,000 unique users. In addition to being a traditional job search portal, this website integrates the new social networking trends in the Internet job market. Infoempleo has a blog that publishes tips for job search.

13. Infojobs 

According to a famous UK help service, Do My Assignment Cheap UK, it is the most successful employment website in Spain. This website allows you to find work from your computer, and works as a mobile application, making it possible to find work from the palm of your hand. Infojobs was founded in 1998 and has since helped many people find employment.

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