With technological advancements, data science is deployed to get insightful customer information. When measured using relevant matrices, technology can derive adequate data from a detailed bunch of stats available. On understanding how to derive relevance from the data, it becomes easy for a customer service executive to answer the queries of clients.

The answer to the much talked question - ‘How is the call center software performing?’ can be derived when the entire setup lies on the following parameters. One of the essential things to understand is that - it is the customers you need to cater to and not compete with rival brands. The following metrics shall be accounted for benchmark performance and not in competition with industry peers:

First Call Resolution: First call resolution rate is measured by the call center management software as the percent of customer queries that are resolved on the first call. It is one of the significant indicators driving customer satisfaction for a service offered. A sophisticated analysis can be done by segmenting data under the bracket of call reason, call type, etc. The objective of measuring it, is to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction, reduce costs and improve the performance of the executive. An organisation can segment the data based on the queries for different departments like tech support, billing issues, account information updates, marketing, or legal.

Customer Satisfaction: Several determinants are taken into picture while considering customer satisfaction rate. Factors like agent behavior, time to answer a call, call quality, etc. play a major role in the process.

Average Handling Time (AHT): Contact center solutions accounts AHT as the total amount of time it takes to handle a call. This parameter takes into consideration different areas such as on-hold time, talk time, and call termination time. Another major factor that plays a role in AHT is the complexity of the customer’s issue. The more granular and fresh the customer’s query is, the less time it takes. Escalated calls take higher time to be resolved. To understand the executive’s performance, it is important to consider the average handle time over several calls.

Transfer Rates: Call transfer rate is the percentage of the number of calls that are transferred to another executive to resolve. Call transferring occurs for a variety of reasons like the fault of the agent, customer’s request, etc.

Agent Utilisation: A major chunk of the cost incurred by any organisation accounts for the staff they have hired. It is essential that the resources are utilised to the fullest. Optimum utilisation of the resource accounts for reduced cost per call. However, a balance must be maintained to ensure that the executives do not burn out in the process.

In the race of stabilizing an organisation, people tend to forget that it is the customer that makes a ‘name’ a ‘brand.’ To be able to rule the sphere, technology backing is key. Ameyo Voice is the best call center software which is a complete suite to enhance the service quality offered by cloud call center.

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