Can't Login AOL Desktop Gold- What to Do? | Solution

Don’t get upset on login AOL Desktop Gold error window.

Because, you can now easily fix this issue yourself with following tips (irrespective of the fact- whether you are not good technically).

So, without thinking twice- simply start with the troubleshooting steps defined further.


How do I Login AOL Desktop Gold on my device?

Before you go ahead with the following fixes, make sure that you’ve followed the exact steps as below to sign in your AOL Gold account.

Note: Do not take these steps lightly- as they will help you know whether the issue is with your device, AOL Gold program, or the process that you were following.

1. Launch AOL Desktop Gold from the icon on your desktop screen.

- If due to any reason, you’re unable to open AOL Desktop Gold software, see the Guide on how to fix AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding issue.

- However, for a problem with the icon, refer the instructions and fix AOL Gold icon not working problem.

2. After you see AOL Gold login screen, as one in the screenshot below, it’s time to type your AOL Username and hit ENTER. Make sure you spell your username or email-address correctly.

3. On entering the next screen, type your AOL Gold password. While typing the password, remember that it’s case-sensitive, else any sort of wrong typing can cause AOL Desktop Gold login error.

4. Now, if you see a message saying Authentication issue- it implies either you’re misspelling your login credentials or maybe the password is wrong.


5. Hence, try to recall if you have changed the AOL Gold password recently. If so, then delete the cache, cookies, and history to remove any old AOL saved a password.

6. Else, AOL Password reset is the best option to try for AOL login.

Blank Screen after trying for AOL Gold Login- What to do? 

Sometimes, after hitting the ENTER button, you may see nothing but a frozen blank or white screen.

If that’s your situation- then:

1. Scan your AOL Desktop Gold program to confirm that the software isn’t corrupt.

2. Otherwise, AOL Desktop Gold download and re-install is the only and best option available.

3. In case, there’s no malware detected in AOL Desktop Gold program, check your cookies and for better access- we recommend to delete them (once).

4. Also, don’t forget to check and confirm that your device is running an updated version of the operating system.

In case, you feel your login issue still persists, see the advanced instructions in the guide and learn how to fix AOL Desktop gold login error.

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