Content management system or CMS is application software. This is a set of related programs that you can use to create and manage digital content. By using a CMS, you can create a collaborative environment which allows multiple users to post and edit the content.

Most of the content management systems also support plugin architecture that makes web development an easy job. Now you don't have to spend an entire day to add new functionality in your website. Just install a plugin in your admin panel, and its functionality will be enhanced. Many content management systems also support template system. By installing a new theme, you can easily give your site a new look.

So, overall it is fair to conclude by using a CMS you can easily address your content creation and management needs.  If you search online, then you will find several content management systems online but choosing the best one among them can be an overwhelming job. However, in this post, we will make things easier for you. Check out here a complete guide and know about the five best content management systems that you can consider in 2019.

1.    Joomla
Whenever it comes to choosing the best CMS software, Joomla comes in our mind along with WordPress (WP). Well, it is not a beginner-friendly CMS, but it can be very flexible if you are planning to build a large scale website. It offers plenty of customization options that allow users to give their site a unique look.

2.    Dotclear
If you are looking for a simple blogging platform, then Dotclear can be your best pick. The editing option of this content management system is similar to WP. So, WordPress users can confidently give it a try.

3.    WordPress
WordPress is the biggest player in the content management industry. They hold the maximum numbers of market shares. In fact, studies also revealed the fact that its power around 30% of all the websites. It was introduced as a blogging platform, but now it has the ability to power any type of dynamic site. WordPress is also backed by a huge community. You can ask for WordPress online help from them. They will help you to address all of your WordPress web design and development needs. WordPress comes with thousands of plugins and themes. These are the two main reasons that make WordPress a customizable solution.

4.    Drupal
Joomla and Drupal are very similar in nature. Both of them offer flexible options with custom post types. In addition to that, it also provides advanced permission settings and user management. Drupal also includes support for multilingual sites

5.    ImpressPages
This is a beginner-friendly CMS, and it offers the best blogging experience. The editor of this CMS is equipped with a modern interface, and it comes with a clean editor.  So, this is another best content management system that you can choose to develop your website.

These are the five best content management systems that you can consider to use in 2019. Hope the post was informative and you have enjoyed reading it.

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