Roku Channel Guide


The channel guide allows you to have a clear picture on what and what the device does. The device has a lot of primary set up procedure explained briefly below.

Controls it contains,

1. Setting up of Roku

2. Its features

3. Specifications

4. Mobile app features

5. Wireless connectivity

6. Voice remote

Roku Channel Guide


All your favorite channels are here in the Roku streaming device. The best stuff provided here, are all up for streaming now. Get the device to start its connection and get the streaming done.

Networks in partner:

• Netflix

• Hulu

• Crackle


• YouTube

• Fandango Now

There are a lot of other stuff the streaming device gives you. Get in touch with the Roku Channel Guide and the offered programs are countless. Programs and shows, movie channels are all available for your streaming. Music, games/sports, and comedy genres of varieties are there to watch from.


The setting up of Roku is easy. Consider the use of Roku Channel Guide to know the better use of its processes. It has a few glitches and while the set up take the help of this manual.


1. Connect the Roku box to the home device.

2. With the HDMI cable attach Roku to TV .

3. Set all the Network settings.

4. Note: whichever network you prefer, use the same (WiFi/Ethernet).

5. Finish all the sign up process through the Roku Channel Guide.

6. Make sure you feed in the Activation/Verification Code.

7. Now the streaming can be started.


The streaming device has many functionalities along with the partnered services it provides. It has the great option of live TV because of its internet connectivity. Just like the cable providers it also has a great feature to record the shows.

Watch the live channel updates from web and get the new house series done. Pick your most loved shows and record them to watch it all over again. This option comes in handy when two streams that are live gets collided.

Live telecasting:

This is one such option where any sports or news feed of important matter gets aired, you can watch them! All thanks to this streaming device.

Partner services:

As mentioned earlier, this device has a lot of partnered apps and channels that come in free for its users. Get all your regular packs at a better cost option from Roku Channel Guide. The best are Netflix, Hulu and much more.

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