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Netgear Router login not working | Updated Solution

Veronica Bishop 795 06-Mar-2019

If your Netgear Router login not working despite several tries then, this piece of reading is just-WHAT you need.

Let’s Start with the Basic Troubleshooting of your Netgear Wireless Router.

Netgear Router Login Quit Working: Basic Troubleshoot

With these steps, you will be surprised to know that most of the router not working issue can be resolved with simple power cycle or reboot process.

And, there is no need to rush to Reset Netgear Wireless Router process.

1. Maintain an ideal distance between the router and your device like computer to connect easily.

2. While trying to setup Netgear router, you need to sign in address. So, while you perform these steps, make sure you are in the same room as your router.

3. If there’s any microwave, cordless phone, or any Bluetooth enabled device lying nearby then, either turn them off or change your location.

4. Check your Ethernet cables connected between modem, router, and computer. If they found broken or damaged, replace them immediately.

5. Try connecting your computer and router directly and now, check- of both ends are secure.

6. Also, make sure that the LAN ports of your router and the device that you are using to login Netgear router are working properly.

7. Next, check- if the Internet LED is lit. If it is not, see how to fix Netgear router no Internet light issue.

8. Then, see if the LEDs for the ports with cables are lit. If not, move the cables to different port.

9. For any orange light on router, see instructions on how to fix Netgear router orange light error.

After trying these steps, if you still can’t access then, go ahead with the following advanced troubleshooting.

More Advanced Solutions for Netgear Router Login not working

Implement the following solutions in sequence one-by-one unless your starts working.

1. Check for any enabled VPS or proxy server on your device. For this, open Network Sharing Centre-> check the list of available and active networks-> then, find the VPN or proxy servers.

2. Next, right-click on enabled such services and click on Disable from the drop-down box.

3. Besides this, disable all third-party security software installed on your device. Because, they may block pathway from opening on any browser window.

4. Also, delete all the offline content present on your browser window- that you’re accessing. For this, Select Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files-> OK button.

5. If the Netgear router login still not working, then try accessing the web address using different computer or browser.

6. Last but not least, delete cookies stored on your browser. For this, open Google Chrome.

7. Then, tap on wrench like button in the upper-right corner of the window and click on Options.

8. From the navigation pan, now tap on Under the Hood.

9. Under the Privacy section, click on Content Settings. And, under the Cookies section, click All cookies and site data.

10. Finally, click on Remove All to delete the Chrome cookies.

Now, try accessing address. As an alternative, you may even use the default gateway address to login Netgear router Genie interface.

Hope, these steps help you fix the issue. In case, still, your Netgear router login not working then, contact Router login experts for further assistance.

Updated 06-Mar-2019
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