What is FREE DIGITAL TV, Streaming Army and Streaming TV?

FREE TV DIGITAL is the new way to watch Global TV unrestricted and unlimited access or services and NO CONTRACTS . It's the new way to enjoy televised home entertainment using a computer known as  digital TV, which lets you display on your independent  television, in real time and ON-Demand available on the internet without a plan fixed cable or satellite channels and lower cost. Streaming Army is the initiative of the followers of TV streaming multimedia deposit boxes and various devices. TV streaming is just access to TV content via "streaming" or live internet without having to store such content. Currently there are many devices streaming TV as Apple TV , Amazon Fire , Google Chrome cast and Roku .

Each of these devices has advantages and disadvantages and popularity but the goal is the same: give the user the opportunity to enjoy the entire contents of series, movies and TV in a practical device that does not involve contracts or restrictions channels, or programming schedules. Given that currently the Roku is the device most channels in the world, which will be discussed in more detail. However, we are doing tests, tutorials and videos from other popular streaming devices to cover the entire world of streaming tv. Among the devices have successfully tested include the Amazon Fire TV stick to which we have been putting on the very popular KODI and add-ons like Exodus, Indigo, Phoenix, Sports Demon, among others.

How to activate your ROKU, Amazon Fire or other streaming box?
To enjoy the full functionality of your ROKU, Amazon Fire or Streaming Box (once you buy) you need the following things to set up Roku Player or other streaming players, which we detail below:

A router with Wi-Fi.
Internet speed of at least 3 megs.
A credit card.
A subscription to a DNS or VPN (if you're using the Roku outside US)
Slow loading problems or fall in the Roku or Amazon Fire
If you are experiencing problems in a very slow load movies or series on your Roku it may be due to several factors including:

Internet speed very low (less than 3 Megas).
Multiple devices or connected to the Wi-Fi bandwidth consuming devices simultaneously.
Technical problems with the channel (temporarily).
Interference problems in WiFi.
What is FREE DIGITAL TV, Streaming Army and Streaming TV?
In the case of interference problems, it is because on many occasions, usually have configured the channel or Wi-Fi router  the same channel as Wi-Fi routers or other  nearby. As per the Roku TV Support
- this causes problems of stability in our signal and thus have the constant speed variations on the internet. This is a very usual and common cause in area as buildings where more than one WiFi router in the vicinity. In that case we recommend the following:

Download the app on Android Wi-Fi Analyzer and use it to see the behavior of our router Wi-Fi signal and the closest.
Once see the graph, we can determine which channel is free from interference as it will be that fewer devices on the same channel or frequency.
We may note that having our Wi-Fi router on the same channel as other, interference is extremely important because it will affect the transmission speed and download our router and therefore performance Roku and other devices on our network.

If these steps doesn't offer you much help, then it is advisable to get in touch with the Roku Streaming Stick Help team. The Roku experts are available at the Roku support website 24/7 on both platforms – chat as well as toll free.

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