When you watch online videos, you can face a buffering problem. To overcome this problem, you choose the option of WiFi booster. With this, you can expand and improve your WiFi speed for your wireless gadgets. In some cases, the network is your major issue when you install your WiFi Range Extender. You can easily set up a secure and safe internet connection for your wireless devices. Because WiFi Range Extender boosts your router signals. But this setup process becomes a tedious task with a lot of technical aspects and you can face many issues. Sometimes, your Netgear WiFi Range Extender has not been configured correctly or your extender may be disconnected from your main router WiFi’s network. So you have to perform troubleshooting process to run Netgear Range Extender. Troubleshooting is an effective and reliable solution to your problems 

Steps to Troubleshoot Netgear Range Extender

There are some important steps to follow for completing this process, which are:

• Reboot network power cycle of your main router and extender

• Reconnect your Netgear Range Extender to the default WiFi network

• Launch the web browser and re-run your Netgear Range Extender setup wizard.

• If the problem continues, then reset your range extender back to its default factory settings

• Now, clear the web browser’s recent and cache history

• Plug your computer to default WiFi network of your Netgear Range Extender

• Open the web browser and configure your new extender

• Place your range extender where it can get good strength WiFi’s signals

• After Netgear New Extender has been successfully configured and installed, close your extender and try to browse.

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