I am raising Vibrations through energy work.What exactly does it mean to “raise vibrations?” When I say I am working on raising my vibrations, I am referring to my energy. Everything is energy and energy is always vibrating. Even inanimate objects, such as a desk, or a fork are vibrating at some level. We, as energetic beings, are vibrating at a certain level, and that level depends on you! Some have higher vibrational energy, and some have lower vibrational energy. Vibrations can also change throughout the day based on a person’s experiences, emotions, and current disposition.

5 Tips to Raising Vibrations

But why does all this matter?

Now we are getting into positive and negative energy. Energy is energy. It is neither positive or negative until there is the intention behind it. Humans are great at putting intention behind power! Electricity follows the purpose. If I have plans of goodwill and love, I am acting with positive energy (higher vibrations). If my intentions are hostile, or seeking revenge, or to harm someone, I am working with negative energy (lower vibrational energy). I am putting my intention behind it. The universe will match your vibration when it comes to your current circumstances. Like attracts like. So, if you want great things for yourself, but hopefully someone else will fail…. guess what? The universe is picking up on that energy you are broadcasting and can send it right back at you! Or, what if you do not believe in yourself, or feel you are undeserving of love or success? These are your vibrations. If this is what you are communicating to the universe, there is a good chance you will have a hard time being successful or finding love. So what can we do to raise our vibrations

Here are five tips for starting raising your vibrations

1.Gratitude. Take some time to sit in recognition. Whether it is before you get out of bed, on your lunch break, or before falling asleep at night, take time to say, “Thank you!” Be grateful for what you have in life and who you are! Also, take note of how you feel when you are focused on gratitude. Your vibrations are already rising.

2. Go outside! Make sure it is a decent enough day, and then get out into the fresh air, nature, and a little sunshine, if possible. Natural elements help to clear away negative energy, raise your positive, energetic vibrations, and keep you grounded!

3. Get moving! Get a little exercise. Moving your body helps improve the flow of energy. Going for a walk, doing yoga, dancing, or just running in a way which feels good, is building up those good vibes!

4. Music! Listening to uplifting music gets positive vibes flowing. How do you feel when your good music comes on the radio? That uplifting feeling is raising your vibrations! If you really want to pump yourself up, go outside, exercise, and listen to music all at once! You can check out lyrics at lyricsmaze.com

5. Well wishes. Having the intention for good things to come to yourself and others will raise your vibrations. Wishing for success for another person or performing an act of kindness promotes positive energy. You may even help build someone else’s waves and support them have a better day!You can choose to take on all five tips or start with one at a time. Once you get started, notice how you feel afterwards. Becoming aware of what you are doing and how it makes you think will assist you in gaining control of your own life!

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