Many of us aren’t good at selling ourselves, especially in writing. So, when it comes to crafting an SOP for your application, it may feel intimidating. Just having to reach a specific word count could feel frustrating.

10 Prohibited to Use Words in Writing Statement of Purpose

It’s either too much ( then you feel you can share) or too little. However, the guidelines, of writing statement of purpose emphasize on, clarity and brevity. Remember, it’s the chance for the reader to get to know you as a person.

While it’s easy to get tips on stellar sop writing, it’s equally important to understand what you shouldn’t include. In this article, we touch on the words that you need to refrain from using.

Words to Avoid in SOP Writing

1. Praise words

Well, we do not deny that you are a “remarkable” candidate, and this opportunity would be “exceptional” to you. However, these words convey little meaning without examples to back them up. Therefore, rather than state that you are a “determined” individual, share a fact where you demonstrated this quality.

2. Colloquialism

We often write the way we speak. So, sometimes we include everyday language in our writing which is slang, informal words or phrases. Though they play a significant role in literature; you shouldn’t include them in formal writing.

3. Vague words

It’s the “kind of” words that don’t provide specific meaning. The material should highlight your unique abilities. That means, it shouldn’t sound like that of another applicant.

4. Cliches

You may have decided to pursue a certain path “since you were a child,” but you need to give the reader more context. Rather choose a specific experience that perhaps helped you cement this decision.

5. Qualifiers

They “probably” reveal your lack of confidence. Also, when you avoid these words, it allows you to strengthen your writing. Demonstrate to the admissions officers that you believe in what you write.

6. Over-used words

There are many ways to express how the opportunity is “interesting” to you. Maybe the thought of getting that chance excites you or is fascinating as it’s what you want. Also using the words, “passion/ passionate” may lose the effect of what you want to convey.

Other Things to Avoid in your Statement of Purpose

7. Contractions

Remember to adopt a positive tone in your writing. Every information that you include needs to sell you as the best candidate for the position. Refrain from using “can’t,” “don’t,” and more.

8. Technical jargon

While it’s prudent to demonstrate your interest and possible achievements in a particular area, try to write using simple everyday words. Use words that you would use in your day to day conversations but in a professional context.

9. Stilted Vocabulary

Try not to make it evident that you used a thesaurus when writing the piece. Be yourself. Then, you can invest the remaining effort in abiding by the ideal format of statement of purpose.

10. Quotations

Only use quotes if you have a critical point to make. That’s how many people start their essays, but you need to stand out from the rest. Capture the attention of the reader who you are in other creative ways.

Lastly on Writing SOPs

Always, proofread your work before you submit. Grammar and spelling errors could cost the position you so desire. Make your efforts count.

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