5 Benefits of Using Genuine Ink Cartridges

5 Benefits of Using Genuine Ink Cartridges

A print-quality is always determined by the ink cartridge. Many printer owners don’t bother for ink usage. Therefore, they use remanufactured ink or compatible ink over the original ink cartridge. Their decision can be due to alternatives cheaper price. But, in the long run, cheap ink costs more with the inferior print quality and by the damaging printer before natural death. Using a branded cartridge offer lasting life and high-quality print results. There are some other benefits associated with using genuine ink cartridge. Let’s discuss them:

Quality is a Priority

Genuine ink cartridges are manufactured after conducting many hard tests. Therefore they become capable to deal with your printer model and deliver you premium quality results. On the other side, non-genuine or alternative printer cartridges are designed to deal with large printer models. Hence, they cannot provide you with good quality results and unfit for your printer model.

Many big brands like HP, Canon, Brother Lexmark, and others spend a great portion of investments on the ink cartridge research and development. They make every possible effort to create better ink than earlier. As a result, you get premium-quality printing material (ink) in cartridges. The print generated from original ink cartridges do not smear, smudges and lasts for many years. Normally, the original ink manufacture uses pigmentation ink dye that produces vibrant results to get high-quality image results. The best part is that you can keep the image for decades.

Great Value for Money

While comparing the original printer cartridge cost with alternation, solely paying attention toward price is not a genuine decision. There are many other factors associated with cartridges that demand consideration like print-quality, reliability, and productivity. Comparing all will help you to give a genuine product. For example, if you compare the original ink cartridge with an alternative on page-yield capacity. You will find, you can produce a high number of printouts with genuine or non-genuine. With a standard branded ink cartridge you can produce more than 1200 print pages(figure can vary as per manufacturer) whereas non-original cartridge delivers less printing pages. There are also high chances that the ink cartridge stops working during processing. Even there is ink in the cartridge.  

Care for Environment

Printer ink cartridges are the most used equipment in offices and homes. As a result, if we consider global data it was found out that more than 80 million ink is used in landfills. This is a high figure. But, the original cartridge manufacturers are trying to come out of this issue and invest in sustainable material and shaking hands with cartridge recyclers.

If you too care about environmental issues, using genuine ink cartridge will be a wise decision. In order to reduce cost, the manufacturer makes it possible to refill genuine ink cartridge up to 6 times(depending on cartridge condition).

Better Compatibility

Using a genuine printer cartridge, you will never face any compatibility issue. As these models are specifically designed for a particular printer model. Hence, you will never meet with the installation issue. Simply, knowing the printer model number from its back will solve your purpose. On the other side, alternative cartridge users always found struggling with compatibility issues. Many times, a newly purchased cartridge does not fit into your printer model. Hence, can be a complete waste of money, if there will be no replacement option. Later on many shifts toward the original cartridge option, but their prior purchase becomes worthless.  


Every genuine ink cartridge believes in their product, therefore offer a warranty on their ink cartridges. Whether you buy ink cartridges online or from offline stores. Both sellers will provide you warranty specified by the manufacturer. If you found any defect after buying you will be free to replace or return. Whereas, the non-genuine manufacturer never ready to take responsibility for their products. Sometimes, acquiring their product proves to be a big blunder.

Printers are a costly and indispensable part of every modern business and house. Therefore, choosing th e right material is always essential to prolong the printer’s life.

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