While we’ve all got our own fond memories of skipping ropes in the playground, did you know that people have actually been jumping rope since as early as 1600AD? The Ancient Egyptians and the Australian Aborigines were some of the first known populations to pick up a rope and jump over it for fun — and while the material might have progressed from flexible bamboo and vines to a combination of nylon and plastic, the hobby is still a firm favourite amongst adults too, promoting a whole host of great benefits! Join Muddy Puddles, waterproof coat retailers, and find out more on the benefits of skipping! 

Assists in developing concentration

Skipping can help to develop your sense of alertness in a huge way— successful skipping requires a great level of concentration, and as a result the activity can also help to develop spatial awareness. Jumping rope promotes activity on both the left and right side of the brain, and this promotes improved reading skills, which can come in handy for a variety of day to day life skills.

Boost coordination

Coordination relates to the way in which we move our arms and legs and the control of motion. In order to stay mobile, all adults should be challenging their sense of coordination every day for a good sense of general health and ability. Skipping uses many of the body’s muscles at the same time, coordinating their actions and increasing hand-eye coordination.

Improves creativity

Some people might find the constant nature of skipping boring — but we see it as more of a challenge! There are a variety of ways to use skipping ropes and they can create group activities which can become fiercely competitive.

Affordable and fun

All you need to get started is a rope and some sensible shoes, so what are you waiting for? A skipping rope comes at a low cost but it’s a simple way to get some valuable physical activity into your daily routine — just make sure that they have enough space! Often, exercising can feel like a chore and skipping provides a solution to this; you can skip virtually anywhere — and you could even be watching your favourite TV soap at the same time — it’s a win win situation!

Reduces fat and burns calories

We should all aim to be raising our heart rate slightly every day with a spot of exercise and skipping does this while also increasing stamina levels. With every jump, calories are burnt, and fat can be reduced — making skipping one of the simplest ways to get some aerobic exercise into your daily routine.

Keep calm and carry on skipping!

While skipping, the body and the brain work in harmony to maintain the motion, and this is very beneficial for developing the ability to operate under pressure. This ability to maintain the movement also develops calmness and composure, so why not put five minutes aside each night for a skipping session?

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