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Seize Power Position in the Boardroom with GTML Certification

Niti Sharma1145 23-Aug-2019

The seat is there for HR. If you are not getting it, don’t say it is not there. Ask, why?

Entry to the boardroom can turn the tables for your HR career. However, scoring a seat in the inner sanctum of the CEO’s team means having the proven ability to add value to the organization.

Undergoing a rigorous process of vetting and validation through a global HR certification could be the exact push your career needs.
Are you looking to endorse your strategic HR mindset? Do you think you are moving beyond basic HR roles to becoming a strategic partner in the C-Suite?

Global Talent Management Leader (GTML) certification is the world's most prestigious qualification especially curated for HR leaders and managers planning to reinvent their careers. It can be your conduit to demonstrating your readiness for high-impact leadership roles in HR.

Benefits of GTML Certification—Why professionals choose it?

•    Globally Qualified.

Give a global context to your HR qualifications. Accepted across 183+ countries, GTML certification is vendor-neutral and based on universal HR practices.

•    Stronger Say in boardrooms.

GTML learning program will equip you with people analytics, numerical skills and the critical part of succession planning, all relished by the Boards. Additionally, GTML Digital Badge will be a mark of your excellence in strategic decision-making and understanding of how each part of the organization, wherever located, contributes its best.

•    Enriching Learning Journey.

The lofty goal to GTML certification is made easy by learning material powered by two global knowledge leaders, the Talent Management Institute (TMI) and the world’s top B-school, the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. The curriculum blends three powerful online courses of Wharton School with the latest tools and techniques of talent management.

•    Live-and-Learn Experience at Wharton School.

Your GTML credentials will earn you a direct pre-qualification spot into the world’s most selective talent management program run by the Wharton School in collaboration with TMI. If selected in the final stage, you will get GTML alumni fee discount and immersive live-and-learn experience at Wharton.

•    Learn While You Earn.

You don’t have to pause your career to become ready for the GTML certification examination. The learning program is designed to be self-paced and flexible. The three-stage learning process will minimize your time away from work while maximizing your learning.  

There are six candidacy tracks to becoming a certified GTML Professional covering HR professionals at various stages of their careers. Check your eligibility for free on QualiFLY, to see if you fit the requirements and to perhaps include a discount.  

Get the HR transformation ball rolling for you!

Snap out of your traditional HR character and chip in the high-powered Boardroom.

Download the GTML Informa below and take your first big step towards becoming a modern HR leader.

Updated 23-Aug-2019
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