What Poker players can learn from Loki (Avengers)

Loki is one of the most charismatic movie characters of all time and considered the best character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is complex, witty, mischievous, rebellious, narcissistic, but above all – he is unpredictable.   

Loki has many layers to his personality. Although his intentions are not pure and he made some utterly wrong decisions, Loki is a very spirited character who always implements strategic thinking to achieve his goals. This complicated character teaches us so many things about focus, patience, determination, and decision making.

Poker is a game of skill. To outwit your opponents, you have to develop your own playing style. Just like Loki, a Poker player’s efforts revolve around accomplishing his goals. They both require creating an action plan to ensure that their every step is steadily building up to their end-goal. 

Here are a few things that a Poker player can learn from the god of mischief:-

1. Focus on your goal:- Success demands commitment. Loki always desired to be the King of Asgard to win the world but most importantly- attract his father’s attention. His sole objective was to prove himself worthy. In Poker, your goal is to win the hand. The desire of winning gives your efforts a direction and focus. No one is a born champion. To succeed, you need to learn the Poker game rules, techniques, and strategies thoroughly to ensure taking the best decisions at the table. Also, your improvement must be measurable. You have to keep track of the total hands you played to analyze them and uncover the weak spots in your game. 

2. Deal with adverse circumstances:-Even though Loki wanted to sit on the throne more than anyone else, he didn't fall apart at the moment when Odin declared his intentions to crown Thor as the next king of Asgard. In Poker, there will be times when you feel that nothing is going in your favor. It might be in the form of not getting good starting hand, not hitting the flop, cards not falling your way, or getting outrun by poor hands. Remember that bad beats or downswings are inevitable. That’s the nature of the game. Instead of living in denial, acknowledge the existence of the situation. When you lose at the table, take the responsibility of your actions, identify the areas which are in your control, and look for potential ways to deal with the problem. Sometimes, it is all about changing your views and attitude. 

3. Develop your own strategies:- Loki always has a way of outsmarting his opponents. Even though Thor was always a better fighter and more powerful than him, you can see how on several occasions he outsmarted him with his tactics. Similarly, in Poker, you must implement a systematic approach to determine a strong strategy to beat your opponents. Selecting the best move from all the available options require carefully examining the hand strength, pot odds, table position, and opponents’ gameplay. Never expose your weaknesses. Also, when you create a strategy, make sure you can modify it according to the constantly changing situation at the table. 

Loki believed in the motto that if you dream big, you can achieve big. He faced a lot of setbacks and failures, but he never gave up on his dreams. In Online Poker Games, you might not be the most skilled player on the table but your commitment towards your learning and improvement increases your chances of winning the game. A dream is never silly or unrealistic. What’s important is to believe wholeheartedly in yourself. 

Regardless of whether your goal is to crush online Poker cash tables or take down high stake live tournaments, you have to learn how to control your thoughts in order to move past the fear of failure. If you want to achieve outlandish results at the tables, apply the above-mentioned learnings in your game and embark on the journey of self-improvement. 

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