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How to Make Your Company Culture Shine the Interview Process

How to Make Your Company Culture Shine the Interview Process

Emma Williams 920 22-Aug-2019

Attracting new employees and conducting interviews may seem easy, but it’s a whole science. Just like you’re looking for a qualified and competent individual to join your team, they’re looking for a serious and fair firm to offer their services to. You’ll need to show your company culture through the interview process and dazzle potential workers with everything you have to offer. This way, they’ll know they’re not wasting their time and skills at the wrong firm. Anyone would be happy to work for a firm like yours, you just have to show them that’s the case.

1. Be open about your values

You can have one set of values, and your candidates can have another. This is normal and okay, but it means you won’t easily find a good match. To attract the right kind of candidate, you should be open about what your company values are.

That way, you will also understand your candidates better. Reading who they are and what they want will be the opposite of a problem. After all, you’ll be attracting people who share similar opinions and attitudes. This will also significantly shorten the hiring process, as you’ll find the right fit for your firm much more easily.

The new hire will also fit into your team much more easily. They’ll have more motivation and finish tasks more quickly, all because they truly believe in the same things as the company does. If you’re looking for a loyal employee that gives it their all, you definitely need to openly display your values.

2. Organize office tours

Before the actual interview, you could have a few open days when candidates are invited to explore their potential new office. It can be during the work hours so they can see how everything is done, or you can show them around during the weekend so as not to disrupt working employees.

This will help familiarize the candidates with your office and show them exactly what they’ll be doing and where they’ll be working. You won’t have to try hard to get your company culture across when they’ll be experiencing it first-hand.

3. Be present online

The best place to show people what you’re all about and get your company culture across is the internet. People who are thinking of applying for a job at your firm are very likely to find you on social media first. If you don’t have an active and interesting account, you risk losing a lot of talent to someone else.

Post regular updates about your firm, interact with your users and show everyone a glimpse of what it’s like to work at your office. This is bound to pique the interest of any potential employee. A weekly or biweekly post is bound to catch the attention of users.

Your job opening should be pinned to the top of the social media page so that more people will see it and apply. This way, you’re also sending a message that your company is keeping up with the times and understands technology (which is a very important factor when trying to attract and retain employees)

4. Really connect

The people applying for the job aren’t just workers- they’re people. Talk to them about things beyond business. Connect to them on a more meaningful and deeper level, and you’ll know exactly if they’re the right fit for the team. Your goal should always be to look for individuals who reflect your company culture and fit in well with the rest of the team. Candidate personality matters as much as their CV and experience.

Your future employee is going to spend a lot of time at work among their coworkers, so it’s essential to choose someone who fits in. You’re directly contributing to good relationships around the office this way.

5. Show them your laid-back side

Though you’re a professional and serious company, you can still show your potential employees that you’re laid back. Having a relaxed work atmosphere decreases the stress and pressure in the office and lets employees shine. Your interviewee will love to see that this is a place of comfort and fun, as well as hard work. For this to work, you’ll need to take a look at your break room.

For example, by incorporating a few comfortable massage chairs like the ones from Relax For Life into the seating area, you’ll win over anyone thinking of working for you. They’ll know that breaks are fun here, that their muscles won’t be full of tension, and that they won’t have to spend the whole day just staring at a screen. When it’s time to work, they’ll be fresh and ready to take any challenge head-on.

6. Don’t make it perfect

Though you should focus on company image, it shouldn’t be the only thing you have to offer. You’ll be sending the wrong message out there and attracting the wrong types of people. In other words, if you keep offering endless perks and make the company culture seem perfect, you’re more likely to attract people who only care for that instead of the daily responsibilities they’ll have to do.

Serious and professional people usually stay away with companies with perfect cultures, because these offers seem too good to be true. Yes, you should offer some benefits and show off your laid back environment, but your future employees also need to realize that there will be actual serious work involved. Otherwise, you’re just fostering an environment of unambitious people who are only there to mooch.


Company culture is very important today, as people no longer want to be treated like mere ants (nor should they be). By nurturing company culture, you’re nurturing happy and content workers who love their jobs. This is grounds for productivity, success, and growth. Anyone looking for a job at your firm will be able to see that as soon as they step into the interview room. Don’t be afraid to show off all the features that make you awesome and thus attract a hard-working individual who will be the perfect fit for the job.

Updated 18-Sep-2020
Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.

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