Men's Cologne: How to Buy and Wear Fragrances

Women are not the only ones conscious of their smell. The first impression also comes with your scent and not just physical appearance. If you want to make the best first impression, you must include your scent to your preparations. Https:// link has different choices of scent. You can check and buy from the link. If you do already have a signature one, you can check it there. But if you are just thinking about what scent you are going to buy, there are descriptions for every perfume that is on sale there. You can also read reviews if you want to know what other people can say about the product you are eyeing to buy. You will never run out of options if you want to have a signature scent.


Tips on How to Buy and Wear Men’s Fragrance 

1. Buy a perfume that suits your style. Do not buy a perfume just because it is trendy. For example, there is a perfume that everyone wears but it does not fit you, do not attempt to use it if you are not comfortable with it. The scent is similar to the outfit you are wearing. You wear clothes that suit your style and you are comfortable with, that should be your basis of choosing which perfume to use also. 

2. Wear perfume that suits the occasion. If you are going to attend a family gathering, do not wear strong smelling scent. Wear something light because you are not trying to impress anyone since you are with your loved ones. Meanwhile, if you are going on a date, wear your signature scent. Apply a perfume that has a captivating scent, masculine but has a gentle vibe. Because going on a date is trying to impress your partner, make sure to wear a perfume that will strike her.  

3. Follow these few steps on how to properly apply perfume: 

Apply and spray perfume on each wrist but do not rub it. Rubbing it makes the perfume not long-lasting.

Do not store your perfumes inside a cabinet where it is warm or somewhere direct to the heat. Place your perfume somewhere cool so the scent will be preserved.

Spray perfume on your pulses like in front of the elbow, back of the ear, and you can also spray in your nape.

4. If you are going to buy perfume in a mall instead of online shops, do not rely on the salesperson’s talks only. Sometimes they have a small piece of paper that has the scent of the perfumes and do not just rely on that. If you really want to know the real scent of the perfume, apply it on your body. As much as possible, try it within a day so you will know if it is long-lasting and how the scent turns if it lasts within a day. 

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