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A Complete Guide On Fixing Epson Printer Offline Errors

Annie Ross 784 05-Aug-2019

Epson produces one of the leading printer brands across the globe. However, as no device is free from its glitches with Epson the Epson printer offline issues is a common one. Here’s a basic troubleshooting guide on how to deal with the error when pops up

Fixing Epson printer offline errors

• Begin with a stringent hardware check

Already start your troubleshooting with a strict hardware check

1. Begin with ensuring that the printer is turned on

2. If you are using a wired printer make sure it is properly connected with the computer

3. Check whether the USB cables at both ends are attached firmly or not

4. Also check whether the cable itself has undergone any kind of damage or not

5. If you are using a wireless printer make sure that the printer is connected to the network.

6. Internet connection is working properly

7. Go to the setup mode

8. Select option network settings

9. Confirm network settings by clicking on it

10. Now check the connection status

11. Take a note on the IP address of the printer

12. Click the start button on printer

13. Your printer will show the print status

• Download the printers driver

In case your Epson printers driver is corrupted no amount of troubleshooting can fix the Printer is Offline issues. In those situations you need to download and reinstall the drivers again.

1. Launch a browser

2. Go to the official site for Epson printers.

3. From there go to their support section

4. Enter your printer’s model name and product key and locate the driver compatible

5. Click and download the driver

• Steps to reinstall the driver

1. open the run dialogue box by simultaneously pressing the windows key and the r key from keyboard

2. Type code msc in the run dialogue box and press enter

3. Go to the device manager window and hit the printers button

4. Right click on the Epson printer and click on the uninstall button to remove the Epson printer driver

5. In the next popup dialogue box click on add a wireless Bluetooth or network printer

6. Depending on your type of Epson printer add the driver software

7. Restart and run a test print

• Steps when to solve offline issues for Mac

1. If your MacBook is showing error messages like Epson printer offline Mac here are the steps to fix

2. Begin with checking whether the Epson printer not printing nozzle or not

3. If it can’t then look into the LCD for some error messages

4. Delete pending print queues

5. Next open the Apple menu

6. Go to system preferences

7. Go to printers and scanners and select your printer

8. Then click to remove it and add it once again

9. Run a test print to check

• Fix paper jam

1. To sort Epson printer paper jam clear all external and internal paper jams

2. To clear remove all input trays, adf lids and all other access doors

However, if all the resorts fail then call experts for help.

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