Will your Home be actually Smart after 10 years?

Will your Home be actually Smart after 10 years?

Here, I read an article published on Time website, that made me fantasize my own home in the future! (article link)

While I was dreaming of my own Smart home in the near future, there were certain things that raise my concern. 

If I mention in brief, it was whether we live in a small apartment of second or third floor of a building OR own a villa in the town, most of us will be part of SMART HOME. And, I simply loved the concept as the things mentioned if come into existence in future then, we will have all time one virtual assistant, who would know each and everything about us.

Most importantly, it will even take care of yours just like a MOTHER.

Now, if you really want to know, what types of devices I am talking about then, stay tuned!

From your Wake up to Home return…

Imagine yourself waking up at an unusual alarm clock buzzing around 6 in the morning, despite your usual time 6:30 or 7 am.

Sound strange! Well, it's not the ghost of thing but an Internet of THINGS (IoT). Yes, you read that right, the device will wake you up according to your schedule and requirements. For instance, if you have a meeting at the office for which you need to be there early, your smart device will coordinate with the things and will work accordingly.

Likewise, what if you reach home and find a pack of medicine lying on the table that is delivered from a drone? This also might sound weird but if it is to be believed then, it will HAPPEN.

But-why the medicine will be delivered without my concern? Well, while you take bath, the bathroom sensors will analyze certain infection sprouting to which it will alert you so, that it doesn’t get costly later in terms of treatment.

As I said, if all this will be there, LIFE would be easy!

However, have you given a thought about its SECURITY?

Obviously, when everything around you- the smart cameras, clock, bathroom, kitchen equipment, and all others get on the Internet; the security becomes a primary concern. And, if the devices are breached- the hacker will also know each and every habit and thing about you that your HOME knows!

However, hope to see the cybersecurity industry also improve with the time.

In my opinion, today no one cares or ask about the Security as the eyes get glittered by the latest feature and comfort- these smart devices will add to our life.


So, with two sided opinion, I would suggest to first master a device and then, bring it HOME because you are about to bring something smarter than YOU!

Wondering-what if you are not that SMART? Well, in that case, if you really wish to setup and use the device then, you can always seek experts advice or help online from professionals as Robojap Technologies.

Finally, the key is in your hand and its all upto you how you create your smart home SMARTER so that it gives you the same feel in future that you are fantasizing today!

Last updated:8/5/2019 12:46:48 AM
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