Have you visited Australia? It is a lovely place where you can work freely in the day and enjoy the lovely beaches in the evening. To work there, you need to come to our CDR writing service and get a perfectly written Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).   

CDR is referred to as the proper documentation that serves as a mandate so as to have a perfect life to live and work freely in Australia. The particular report is assessed by Engineers Australia (EA), so therefore, not mention the words like Dude, yo or dope that you say to your friends. CDR needs to be well written and should strictly follow specific EA guidelines because you got to understand the importance of it. It is like your free ticket of staying up in Australia and make a living and that is the reason why many people make a lot of efforts while writing CDR. However, in case if your CDR got rejected, you have to wait another 12 months. That is why, professional CDR assignment help services are preferred.

Important Few Steps To Write CDR

The key components of CDR can be understood by CDR help experts because of the seriousness the report carries. Major steps to write an effective CDR are given down below:

Personal Information

You need to pay attention while writing correct details because some of these details sometimes can cause havoc to your playful life. Your first name, last name, address, date of birth, identification cards, etc. should be carefully mentioned. You will have to submit a clear passport size photo of yourself. You need to fill relevant work experience if any in the given fields. Final thing being the English language skill assessment that tests you on the platform of speaking as well as understanding English.

Employment Details

CDR assignment help experts tells you to write briefly about the employment details that you previously worked with. In case if you have more than 12 months of work experience, you need to provide a proper reference letter from the employer.

Education Background

Many educational documents and the relevant degrees need to be submitted that acts as a proof for the correct filing of CDR. If you have more than one qualification, you need to mention everything on that blank field but make sure you enter the correct upper and lower case detailed letters.


Experts at our CDR writing service says the following report is divided into three components as:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Highlighting the important training, workshops or seminars that you have attended or the major projects that you have undertaken. Also, some additional courses that you were a part of, etc. are also written here.

Career Episodes: The report must contains three Career Episodes, which should be of 1000-2500 words written in essay format in a perfect Australian English (Active voice), highlighting significant happenings in your professional life.

Summary Statement: Our CDR help experts suggests to prepare specific one- page statement outlined in tabular form about career episodes.


You can understand a lot by reading such CDR writing services tips, which understand the importance of writing a CDR and guides you in preparing an effective CDR that is flawless. Therefore, it is advised you should not take any chances with the CDR report and let an expert handle it. We at My Assignment Services are equipped with experience and professionalism to provide you a quality CDR. 

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