Creative Ways To Document Your Pregnancy

A friend of mine recently stunned everyone with a photo shoot of her second pregnancy. Posing underwater or wearing a veil is not your cup of tea. Luckily there are creative ways to track your pregnancy. Let us go through them.

Pregnancy is a picture perfect time

You can allow your partner to be your personal photographer as this poses to be a great time to share arrival of a new born. To obtain a polished look, at the same place in a same pose take pictures. To show little change wears a form fitting pair of clothes.

For a creative approach to photography work on angles. Rather than a profile photo shoot series, taking photos from above would show a different angle altogether. You can remember your pregnant belly from the same intimate angle as your partner can see it.

Another great fun addition would be props. There are some pregnancy trackers which would compare size of a baby to vegetables and fruits. An eggplant or cradling a tomato replicates a baby growth on a week by week basis.

A point of consideration, do not hide any flaws during the course of photographs. There are some expectant mothers who are conscious about stretch marks or darkening of nipples. As part of a creative pregnancy album these images would look great and portray an amazing look to your body transformation.

The choice of the correct type of words

For writing lovers and diary lovers they would want to showcase pregnancy via the medium of words. Hop on to the internet and you will come across various journals to unleash your creativity skills. Some of the ideas to get the ball rolling are

• Cravings of pregnancy

• Strange type of pregnancy dreams

• How you went on to choose the name of your baby

• Choice of a nursery

There are some mothers who like to write a series of letters to their baby or document them in a notebook. To add an element of visual element you can choose your favourite cartoon characters. A form of poetry would also be a value addition. To draw inspiration you can document words in an old book or journal. Then go on to colour other words so that the ones you need only remains.

Videos and counting

In certain cases an image cannot provide the much needed justice. If you are pregnant the reaction of your partner to this news would make a memorable video. Towards the end of pregnancy mothers may find their bellies to be moving once the baby stretches. You cannot believe these with your eyes so better to record it via a video.

There are some creative parents who replicate nonstop motion videos to capture their new born baby’s growth. A mother expected to inhale a balloon once the belly expands.

If you are looking for a life change experience to document your pregnancy. Creative measures in the form of casting your pregnant belly would suffice.

Look to the following ideas if you are planning something inspirational for your pregnancy!

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