What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate means Secured Sockets Layer Certificate. It is used to create encryption between Web Browser and Web server to ensure the trustworthy.

The purpose of installing SSL Certificate to transfer the follow confidential information on securely in internet. That are credit card numbers, social security numbers, login credentials and online money transaction, payment gateway. Generally, the data transformation between web browser and servers is send in the format of normal text. So, hackers have the option to steel that information while transfer between web browser and web server. 

Everyone knows that SSL act as a security protocol. This security protocols design the algorithms to how to use. For this situation, the SSL certificate decides factors of the encryption for both the connection and the information being transmitted. 

All programs can communicate with secured web servers utilizing the SSL certificate. In any case, the web browser and the server require what is called an SSL Certificate to have the capacity to set up a protected connection. 

SSL connections saved millions of data transaction on every day. Especially during money transaction via Payment Gateway and while transferring confidential data. Web users have come to connect their online security with the bolt symbol that accompanies an https SSL certificate secured site or green location bar that accompanies an Extended Validation SSL-protocol site. SSL protocol protects the sites start with https instead of http. 

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How the SSL Certificates works? 

To configuring SSL Certificates, we must use three set of keys. The keys are Public Key, Private key and Sessions key. If any data is encrypted with public key it must decrypt along private key only. Since encoding and decoding with private and open key takes a ton of handling power, they are just utilized amid the SSL card to make a symmetric session key. After the protected connection is done, the session key is utilized to encode every transmitted information.

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