Most Popular Frameworks For Mobile App Development

This is kind of a universal question for the app developers as to which framework is the best. The same question arises frequent times and by plenty if the developer is because of the lack of understanding of all the options available in the market currently. Let’s take a look at some stats about the native and hybrid platforms before we move on to the frameworks.

% of apps from 2015 to 2017

% of apps from 2017 to 2019

Purely Native



Purely Hybrid



Mix of Native and Hybrid



1) PhoneGap

It is a cross-platform framework for app development allows the user to view the changes on an immediate basis. The developers are enabled to build apps in CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. This is why it is the primary choice for those developers who want to develop hybrid apps. Apps developed with PhoneGap does not just entail high performance but also eradicates any hardware limitations. Android and iOS are mandatory but other than that it can also develop apps for Blackberry, Windows, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, and Mac OS. The developers can also extend the functionality by adding new plugins which are related to the framework.

2) React Native

It is probably one of the best frameworks for the app development and giving a really tough competition to Native and Xamarin. This framework was developed by Facebook and adapted by some of the top names like Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb, Walmart, and many more fortune 500 companies. There are overall 61% of people who would have heard of React Native app development and love to learn it. There are 13% of people who have used it and would like to use it again. There are 17% of people who have heard about it and are not interested and there is only 1% of people who have used it and don’t want to use it again. This is why this framework is highly popular and most used ones among developers.

3) Xamarin

This framework is San Francisco based and owned by Microsoft. C# codebase is used by the developers to build Android, iOS, and Windows app using Xamarin. The best thing is that the codes can be used across various platforms including MacOS and Windows. The developers can save their time by coding fast through Xamarin.

4) JQuery Mobile

It is an HTML5 framework for app development. The fascinating fact about JQuery is that a single version of the code can run across various versions. Despite the fact whatsoever is built using this framework, it not only run across different devices but also works across different OS as well like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Firefox, Windows, along with including Kindle, MeeGo, and Nook.

5) Ionic

It is stated that almost 75.2% of the developer's community make use of the Ionic framework to develop apps for commercial purposes. This framework is free. It’s a front end network which aids you to develop a native-like app making use of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This framework allows you to download and use the templates and projects done by the other developers using Ionic. One of the fascinating facts about Ionic app development is that it can work with strong SDK like Angular. As Ionic is popular for developing a native-like app, it is the best apt for the progressive web app.

6) Corona SDK

As compared to other app development frameworks, Corona SDK provides 0 times faster development The reason being Corona SDK has support from Lua which is a simple and lightweight language for programming. The core focus of this language is flexibility, speed, and easy usage. Those developers looking for speedy development yet maintain the quality of the mobile apps must prefer Corona SDK. It is totally free and provides support for Windows and Mac OS X.

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