Canada has been ranked as the top country outside Europe, and the second-best country worldwide, to live as an immigrant. If You are Looking to Migrate in Canada so you are at right place. Here you will get all the important and necessary Information about Canada Immigration Process and visa Categories i.e. Permanent Residency visa, Student visa, Work visa, Visit visa ETC.

Why should you immigrate to Canada?

– Immigration to Canada enables you to live, work and study anywhere in Canada.

– You can earn in Canadian dollars which is one of the strongest currencies in the world.

– You can get a Canadian citizenship within three years of completing your Canada immigration process with a qualified Canada immigration consultant.

– You and your family get affordable universal healthcare benefits

– You can get free education for your children up to university level as well as a number of scholarship options for university level education as well

– Number of job opportunities in various industries such as medical, teaching, IT, hospitality, manufacturing and others.

– Canada has the easiest immigration process in the world and the right immigration consultant can expedite the process

– It is possible to take your entire family including parents with you, when you immigrate to Canada

– Canada PR holders are eligible for unemployment benefits and are protected under the Canadian law.

How to immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada can be through many different paths, which will depend on your educational and professional background as well as your personal preferences. The sheer number of paths available makes it confusing and the services of a really good immigration consultant can be vital in your successful migration. At a broad level, the paths that are available to migrate to Canada can be illustrated as follows

Canada follows a multi-faceted system for Canada immigration into the country. Skilled as well as semi-skilled and agricultural workers are welcomed by the Canadian federal and provincial governments.

The most popular avenue for immigration to Canada is the Express Entry stream which works on a points based system

Other pathways for immigration to Canada are work-permit visa, which allows its holder to work in Canada for a limited amount of time. A person can choose to extend a work permit and apply for permanent residence without living the country

Quebec, which is an autonomous region within Canada has its own immigration stream that one can apply for

Another excellent method for immigrating to Canada is to enter the country as a student and then gain experience in a Canadian company and gain extra points to migrate through the Express Entry.

Canada Immigration Services Provided By Us

We provide services for every stage of your Canada migration process. The Canada immigration services provided by us at various stages are outlined below

Our expert consultants will guide you in preparing your documents

We will review all your documents to make sure everything is in order

We will advise you on the best methods for describing your work experience and assist you with the correct work experience from the MOC

Advise and assist you on the process for obtaining Police clearance certificate and medical certificate as and when required by the IRCC

Advise you on the status of your Canada immigration application on a regular basis.

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