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Learn How to Follow a Standard Format of a Thesis?

semuel figaro1592 08-Feb-2019

Being a college or university student, you cannot avoid writing a thesis or research paper. This is actually a document, written in a formal writing style that seems a scholarly publication in appearance. A thesis has the following standard format, almost universal at the global scale with minor exceptions. It generally comprises preliminaries, the text, and the references.

1. Preliminaries

 This is generally the very initial portion of your thesis comprising title page, certificate, abstract, and table of content.

• Title Page

This is the first preliminary page of the thesis. It shows the title of the thesis as well as the name of the author. If you write in APA format, then you will also have to include the course or institute name followed by the date of submission.

• Abstract

The abstract is one of the most important parts of a thesis which is rightly considered as the nucleus of a thesis. It includes a concise summary of the findings and any recommendations, in the most organized and condensed manner. Normally its length is around 150 – 250 words and generally written on a separate page just after the title page. It is placed at the start of the paper, thus enables the reader whether he or she must proceed to read the rest of the paper or not.

2. The Text

This is the major component of your thesis where you have to express your thoughts, analysis, conclusion, and recommendations. Firstly, you have to present a clear and complete but succinct statement of your research problem. It must include the purpose of the research along with short background information related to the subject. You need to build up the introduction in a progressive manner, logically leading to the aim of the thesis.

In the main body of the thesis, you have to divide your thesis material into various chapters. In this part of the paper, you must include your arguments in a logical sequence. Conclusion and recommendations are the last chapters of the text. In this section, you should summarize the main points of the thesis and highlight the pragmatic solution. You may use this chapter to indicate additional problems uncovered as a result of your research which requires research beyond the scope of the study reported. In the end, briefly suggest some recommendations to facilitate the implementation of the proposed solution.

3. References

 References are very important in your thesis to indicate how much your thesis is original. It also explains your approach to avoid any accidental plagiarism too. Normally, this part consists of footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, and supporting appendices.

There are several rules of presenting the footnotes and endnotes, depending upon the writing format. Footnotes are presented at the end of each page while endnotes are provided at the end of the entire document.

A bibliography is a very critical part of your thesis, which indicates the originality of your content. Your bibliography must comprise all the sources used in the document. Start writing your bibliography on a fresh page after the endnotes.

You may use appendices as supporting evidence of your thesis statement. It is the last part of your research paper, followed by the bibliography.

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