Know the Parts of a Research Paper

Any type of research work whether a thesis or dissertation requires a lot of in-depth and extensive research. This is the most involving type of assignment that the masters and Ph.D. students have to write and successfully defend before they can graduate with their honors. The structure that those papers take differ from one department of study to another. However, like in essays, there is a basic structure and parts that must appear in the papers.

• Cover page

The first part is the cover or title page. The title page indicates the name of the author of the work, the title of the work, the institution, the supervisors and the date of submission.

• The acknowledgment.

This part may not feature in all the dissertations, but it is where the author acknowledges those who helped him or her in conducting the research. The author acknowledges any type of support.

• The table of contents

This is the third part which is basically a summary of what is to be found in the paperwork.

• The introduction or background.

This part is a summary of what is expected in the paper. It gives a general overview of what to expect. It is in this part that the thesis statement is stated. Let your thesis statement be precise. It is important that it appears towards the end of the introduction part. In this way, it will stick in the mind of the reader.

• Literature review

This part comes after the background. This part contains a summary of the sources you have read regarding the same topic of study. There are research works that have been done in that area. Ensure that you acknowledge other authors by stating that who said what. You can then show what has not been handled.

• Methodology.

Tell the readers the methods you used to collect the data and the possible limitations you faced. Convince the reader why it was necessary to use the particular methods you used.

• The outcome/ results/ findings

After the methods, we move to the results section. In this part, you will tell us what you found out. You can then move on to analyze the data using the appropriate method. You can use for instance SPSS depending on what particular data you have. There is always a reason for using one method over the other.

• Implication

You are to write the implication of the results to your area of study as well as other fields.

When you are done with the implications, you can make recommendations for further studies.

You are now ready for the bibliography. Ensure you use the right format. Write all the sources you have used arranging them in an alphabetical manner.

The last part is the appendices which should also be lettered alphabetically.

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