For a person to provide the tax agent services in UAE, getting registered is really important.

Tax agents take a particular amount of fee from the people and that is why they need to be registered to be able to provide the required services.

When the companies have to carry out the functioning of accounting or tax related functions, they need a tax agent. This tax agent must be legal and should be able to carry out the functions of a tax agent in a rightful manner.

For the tax agent registration in UAE, a person needs to file an application beforehand. Without proper submission of the application, nobody can provide the legal services of a tax agent. When the application of the tax agent gets approved, he gets able to provide the services of a tax agent for about 3 years. Farahat & Co is one of the regulated VAT Consultants in UAE.

Requirements for getting registered as a tax agent

For a person to get registered as a tax agent in UAE, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled by the person. Given below are some of the requirements for registration of tax agent;


For a person to provide the services of a tax agent, he must be 18 or more than 18 years old. If a person is not 18 years old or more than that, he would not be able to get legally registered as a tax agent.

A fit person

A person should be mentally and physically fit in order to act as a tax agent for any company


A tax agent must be qualified enough to provide the tax agent services. If he is not having any knowledge regarding finance and accounting, he would not be able to interpret what is there in the documents and so much more. Without proper qualification, carrying out the tax agent services is near to impossible.


If a tax agent has no idea about taxing systems and has not done any prior work on it, he wouldn’t be able to act as a good tax agent.

Professional indemnity insurance

A tax agent must be able to maintain the professional indemnity insurance.

Online application submission

For a person to act as a tax agent, an application form should be submitted. Also, all the supporting documents should be attached along the online application form

Hire tax agents mindfully

You will see a lot of tax agents working in UAE. What you need to do here is check whether the tax agent you hire or want to hire is registered or not. If he is not registered, you must not hire him. This is because if a person has not been appointed as a legal tax agent, he must have not been able to fulfil all the necessary requirements for being a tax agent. Check the legal documents of the tax agents before taking the tax agent services in UAE. Your registered tax agent must be up to the mark and should have a good understanding of tax and everything else related to it.

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