Student life offers you a lot of hustling and bustling which can translate to a lot of travel at times. However, there are many foreign students who have left their families, friends, and loved ones back in their homeland so that can pursue higher education from a reputable varsity in a foreign country. This means that their financial means are limited and often have to face constraints due to a stringent budget that they have to set for themselves and follow. In this post, we would like to offer you some great advice as to how a student can have various means of feasible and reasonable commuting within the city so that they can save up their traveling expenses. So without any further a due let’s see how traveling and commuting can be made easy for students:


We all knew this was going to be on the top of our list since there are services available like National Express and Megabus that offer charges as little as one Great Britain Pound to get you across the country, the catch, you book early for your ride. Though they may be slower for long-distances as compared to trains, but they are still much cheaper. So it is up to you to save more money and have a slower ride, or take the alternative and spend some extra cash.

The golden rule which should be kept in your notebook always that you always book early and regardless of whatever means of travel you choose including bus, train, or air, booking early always help you to save a lot of money. Whereas booking at the last minute will cost you a lot more. Another thing to know here is that even though the buses do take longer than trains, they are in impeccable shape. Megabus is the cheapest service out of all, whereas National Express offers you more convenient times.


Since we have already mentioned about them earlier there is no point in making you wait to know the alternative to bus travel. Trains are indeed much faster than the bus and at the same time, they can be quite costly as well, even though they are far cheaper than traveling in a taxi within the UK. Hence indefinitely trains should be considered and are the second cheapest method of traveling in the UK. However, you should know that while a five-hour bus trip from Chester to London can be shortened to as little as two and half an hour long trip but at the same time it will cost you three times as much as traveling by bus. Nevertheless, for long distance traveling that can take you like 11 hours or more, we suggest that the suitable way of traveling should be by train. This is due to the fact that traveling for so long can quickly become an unbearable nuisance. Hence if you are considering traveling to Scotland then train does translate as a much better option.

We hope this post was able to provide you with suitable means of traveling within the UK. However, if you are a student who is professional assignment help UK then you should consider qualified and experienced writers to offer you specialized assistance for your subjects and topics.

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