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Flow like water

sanath pollemore 765 29-Jan-2019

We all look and the sparkling water of the river and imagined from where it gets its spark and glitter. It gets its beauty from its flow. The most beautiful feature of water is that it flows without having any weight on its bosom. The baggage of stone is left in the bottom of the river by water while it sails through making its own path. In my opinion, a man should also be like flowing water and should leave all the sorrows and issues behind while continuing his journey with energy and sparkle. The grudges we carry in our heart are the dark clouds that hide our mind, thoughts, and happiness. We carry them with leaving little or no space for life to come. The only way of removing grudges from life is by forgiving.  

When you say, ‘I forgive you’ to someone you not only give relief and happiness to the person but you also remove baggage from your soul. There is no doubt that the feeling of getting hurt and the pain you have suffered from it cannot be removed by forgiving but now the pain is nothing but a feeling and anger that you carry in your heart while moving in life. To become happy and relive your life you need to move on from the situation and divert all your energy to something new, constructive that can give your happiness back to you. You will find your inner peace once you will release yourself from negative memories and their pain. Below we will share some steps that will help you in forgiving the person who has hurt you in life-

Move on – remember your past in heart but never carry it in your mind. Let your mind be free from all the grudges and sad incidents. What happened in the past no longer exists in the future, and don’t let your present get affected by something that is not a physical reality. Some characters enter in the play of life as villains they have a short but painful role and to lead towards the happy ending you need to embrace them as they are. 

Reconnect with your soul- for forgiving someone who has hurt you, first you need to find yourself and make a fresh agreement with your soul about happiness. The new role will blend your physical soul with. With new found love for yourself, you will be able to work with higher energy and this energy will help you in forgiving the person who has hurt you in the past. Hen Try to become an instrument of peace like St. Francis has desired for you. 

Sleep with a calm heart- when you carry grudges and anger you just go and sleep calmly rather you drive yourself to sleep and don’t find any peace in it. When you will remove yourself from these feelings than you will become a person who as abilities to forgive and forget.

Like I said earlier, flow like water and adapt the sparkling, flowing qualities to be like one.

Updated 29-Jan-2019

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