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How To Use Sample Personal Statement To Get Accepted

Natasha Boehm 897 23-Jan-2019

How To Use Sample Personal Statement To Get Accepted

A good personal statement separates you from the other contenders applying for the same position. Whether you are applying for a college scholarship, graduate school or job, you need to be able to create an effective personal statement that lists your credentials, skills and abilities and allow readers to get a sense of who you are and what you can do.

Your personal statement makes or breaks your application. Personal statements allow admission officers to evaluate who among the candidates deserve the position. Your personal statement shows admission officers other aspects of your life that your application form alone cannot show—these include your values, goals and experiences that have molded you to become the person that you are. Sample personal statements online will help you create an effective statement for application purposes. 

Writing an Effective Personal Statement 

You can use sample personal statements to guide you in making your own personal statement and get accepted for a job, scholarship or college application. Whatever your purpose, you should be able to write an effective personal statement that will help you with your goal. Depending on the company or school you are applying for, they may require you to create a general personal statement or answer specific questions about your experiences or character. 

The first step to writing an effective personal statement is to gather your letters of recommendation, resume, transcript of records or anything that will support your personal statement. Study your credentials and look for any accomplishments, interesting experiences and other things that emphasize your strong points. These include any extracurricular activities, foreign travel, volunteer work and involvement in interesting contests, seminars or workshops. Choose a few of your significant experiences primary homework help to show your creativity, talent, abilities, initiative, diligence and perseverance. Refer to sample personal statements online as your guide. 

Explain the reason why you chose the position if you are applying for a job, or your major if you are applying for college. Link your choice to your goals in the future. Discuss how your past experiences help define these goals. 

To end your personal statement, clearly tell your reason why you deserve to be accepted. Include a summary of your strengths and experiences that will make you stand out among all the applicants. Because the conclusion is your last chance to impress, include a statement about the things that attracted you to the college or company, and then end with a strong statement of how you can make substantial contribution.

Updated 23-Jan-2019
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