Fanatics who use to raise notions about Artificial Intelligence, its existence, and its future have been forced to change up their mind by the ever-expanding technology of AI. 

“Is a machine spying on me 24/7?”

“Are my conversations being heard by the web-connected devices?”

“Will, a robot take over my job and eventually the whole world?”

The technology has turned irrational things change into a reality where AI is being embraced by the overlords as well as the fresh businesses. The trust that this powerful technology has built has made enterprises to triple their investment in AI. As a result, it pays off very well and will continue to do so.

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AI’s Success Pillars

It's not only Artificial Intelligence spinning the world, but also its counterparts are making remarkable contributions in changing the industry norms. Machine Learning is enhancing the learning power of machines to better train them as humans.

Deep learning is helping web-enabled devices to think and react as we homo sapiens do, and its done by analyzing the neural networks that humankind has inherited naturally.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is making e-devices and machines to understand and interpret the human languages spoken or written.

And surprisingly the success is achieved as these robust concepts have left no stone unturned in enhancing the comfort of human life giving a breakthrough to the technical advancements. But, ever imagined that how things work and execute? Where actually is the dependency?

It's Data. The unimaginable fuel that powers AI and its subsets.

Billions of Gigabytes are generated, collected and gathered by networked devices be its web browsers, databases, turbine sensors, web analytics anything you say. Data can never have a dead end where AI, ML, DL, and NLP will continue to explore the infinite road to data.

An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence acts as a key for tech savvies to get acknowledged by the revolutionary technique of today that gives clear insights that how digital information can be best made to use.

Don’t Question AI’s Abilities

Take a rundown where powerful concepts of Artificial Intelligence answers it all perfectly and will continue to do so till its survival.

# Automated Reasoning

Automated Reasoning is an essential part of Artificial Intelligence research that can be related to deductive reasoning which simply means logically deducing new facts from the old ones.

It is merely to develop computer programs that use logical reasoning for the solution of a wide variety of problems, including open questions.

Artificial Intelligence’s AR (Automated Reasoning) uses deductive reasoning to tackle problems such as constructing formal mathematical proofs, verifying that programs meet their specifications and modeling human reasoning.

Remember IBM’s Deep Blue that defeated a human way back in 1997 where the machine played at an expert level on a human time scale where it was programmed so well to recognize patterns just as a human being does.

It was AI that enabled that machine with its robust principles of automated reasoning, human intelligence making them count among the expert systems produced by artificial intelligence and its branches.

It was AI then, that gave a breakthrough to the IT industry and its AI now that keeps the potential to revolutionize the word empowering machines and devices to automate the manual work and keep negligible chances of rework and glitches.

# Computer Vision

If we talk about supervised learning, machines there learn from labeled examples and scenarios while computer vision is the science and technology of machines that see.

Automated machines are given a computerised vision to identify objects and living beings, scrutinizing the data in depth and delivering semantic results that can compete with the judgment of humans.

The data sets are trained to output ideal answers also known as ground truth and how well AI algorithms associate data with ground truth is called labeling. Perfect labeling and judging things is something perfectly done by humans but now machines are no less than identifying the difference between ‘This chicken nugget is so bad’ and ‘I want a chicken nugget so bad.’

Even though electric appliances and devices have come up to the expectation, however, there are many areas where humans have to parent artificial machines to be an analogy of humans.

# Explainable AI (XAI)

When we have given so much learnings and understandings to machines, we highly expect them to make decisions that have understanding capabilities. AI has strong and satisfactory answers for some complex matters like:

Whether a tumor has turned into cancer?

Whether a missile has authorization to be launched?

Does a self-driving car apply brakes?

Yes, AI’s strength is ever-increasing where the technology has great abilities to closely analyze and process infinite data sets perfectly than a human can.

XAI, Explainable AI is a concept where Artificial Intelligence comes to make up a decision. It focuses on decision-making mechanisms for specific issues that solely can be understood by people who have expertise in handling such problems. Though some hurdles are coming in the way of XAI, however, its transparency in giving decisions is what is making it an acceptable model.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence comes up with a tool called LIME (Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations) that highlights the features in an image or a text responsible for an ML model's predictions for that image or the text.

The success of AI is not questionable where it has transformed every aspect of human life giving machines the power to be an analogy of a human. Without any traces of doubt, the robust technology is efficient enough to change our lives. One day, everyone might have their own personal virtual assistant, surgeries would be done by robots rather than doctors, and all those things would be made possible in future which was just a fantasy for many of us.

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