CBSE Class 12 board exams are considered as the turning point of every student’s life, and it also plays an important role in selecting the student’s career. Based on this exam result, students can get selected into one of the prestigious colleges for their further studies. Therefore, the class 12 board exam judge the knowledge and skill of every student.

Students appearing for CBSE class 12th Board exam will be tensed about their exam preparations. In order to perform well in their board exams, students start their preparations right from class 11, by collecting NCERT Syllabus For Class 12, by joining coaching classes, preparing notes, collecting information from their seniors, toppers, etc. To ease their preparations, here are some of the important preparation tips for CBSE class 12 exams.

Few important and essential preparing tips for CBSE class 12 board exam.

  1. The best way to get success in any exam is by reviewing all the important concepts on a regular basis.
  2. Make sure to study all the important points given by your lecturers on the same day after the class hours. 
  3. Plan your preparations by preparing an effective study timetable and by making a list of all chapters having high weightage in the upcoming exams.
  4. Practice more by solving previous year question papers and sample papers to improve the time management and to be thorough with the question paper pattern.
  5. Before starting with the preparations, make sure to collect all relevant information about the course, including the syllabus, important topics, marks distribution, etc.
  6. Refer as many books as you can, including NCERT textbooks, NCERT solutions, NCERT exemplars and other reference study materials.
  7. Have positive thoughts about your preparations and the subject. Never try to recollect your past failure as this may lead to depression.
  8. As there will be a vast syllabus to be completed, concentrate on studies and stay away from all sorts of distractions.

These were some important preparation tips for CBSE class 12 board exams. Hope these tips will be helpful. Students can visit BYJU'S to know more about different exam details and get various tips and tricks for the exam. Also, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel and learn by watching interactive video lessons on various exams related topics.

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