Have you just created a brand new website? Well you're in luck because I'm going to be telling you exactly what you should be doing.

Hey everyone, my name is Zukais and I rank websites on Google for a living.

Let's get straight into this... 

Build social profiles

You want to first leave your footprint on the web. This can be done very well with social profiles. You want to sign up to as many social media platforms as possible and leave a link to your website.

 Here are a few websites they can sign up to:

- Twitter 

- Facebook

- Pinterest

- LinkedIn

- Tumblr

- Instagram

After you've signed up to the social profiles, you want to create as many posts as you can on them. And within the post, you want to link out to your website. you also want to brand your social profiles. This can be easily done with your brand logo.

Quora links

Quora is a massive forum where you can talk about anything. You want to create a profile and answer as many questions as you can. You can simply type into the search box a question related to your industry or niche.

And then you can answer a question and leave a link back to your site. It's really as simple as that. Also, you can even leave a link within your quora profile. 

Forum links

I would recommend signing up to a bunch of different forums. More specifically, niche forums. You can find niche forums by simply typing in your niche + forum.

You want to sign up to a couple of forums and start answering questions with a link back to your site. 

Try and get as many questions as possible in order to drive traffic back to your site. 

Create Q&A type of posts

You want to find questions that people have asked on forums such as Quora and answer them on your blog. The reason why you're doing this is so you can drive traffic back to your site.  

So let's say your run a fitness blog and someone is asking in a forum, “ how do I get a bigger chest?” You can create a post around it and paste some of the content as an answer in the forum and leaves a read more link to your site. 

People with and click on this link and go to your site.

Create big guides

By creating big guides on a topic, you are showing that you're and authority on that topic. Make the guide at least 3000 words long. And 3000 is short if I was being completely honest. Try and get up to 5000 words.

You see the thing is, Google loves long content. And by creating big guides on your new website, you'll be building trust and authority with Google. 

Build backlinks

A backlink is simply a link from one website to another web site. And you want as many backlinks as you can get your hands on. Backlinks will increase the authority of your website and increase your rankings.

I repeat, get as many backlinks as possible. I would recommend doing a bunch of blogger outreach. And I don't mean sending emails, that crap doesn't really work. Instead, I would recommend going to blogging Facebook groups and asking for a guest post.  

And then you want to build as many guest post links as possible. Some people make you pay for a link to your site and some people will give it you for free. If you've got money I would highly recommend paying as this will make your life a lot easier. 

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