You are working on an important file and all of a sudden your hard drive gets damaged. What will you do? It is obvious that you will be extremely stressed. It is because you will lose data in such case.

• Isn’t it possible to recover data from damaged hard disk?

The answer will be yes. It is possible to recover data from damaged hard disk. One can retrieve all lost files. Everything can be recovered be it any document, assignment, cherished, videos, etc.

How does data get lost?

1. Sometimes the physical damage to hard disk leads to data loss. Such scenarios are irreversible. You can take professional help to get a recovery service. It is worth mentioning that the data lost without any physical damage can be recovered.

2. Sometimes it is logical to the reason behind data loss. In such case, the loss happens due to formatted hard drive or accidental deletion. In such a case, the data actually does not get lost. It stays somewhere in the hard drive of PC. Data can be recovered in such a case.

3. Sometimes people clear the recycle bin by mistake. This is the common mistake everyone commits. This leads to complete removal of the data from the computer. In such a case, the data can be retrieved if it is not been overwritten.

These were some situations when the data actually gets lost. Now the question comes how to recover files from a damaged hard drive? To get the answer scroll down the article.

Software for dead hard drive recovery

How to recover data from damaged hard drive

Sometimes the data gets lost by mistake. Sometimes the hard drive gets damaged without any prior symptom. There arise situations when the user fails to have any backup of the data.

What can be done in such a case?

1) You should not do anything just after the issue. Don’t try to tackle the problem if you don’t have any knowledge.

2) You should remove the hard drive from the CPU. Make sure to keep it in a clean area.

3) You have to ensure that your hard drive has some marks or spots on its external controller board.

4) make sure that no part has been broken. If you find any damaged part, take it to the specialist and get t repaired.

Follow the following steps :

1. You have to replace the SATA/USB cable. Replace the adaptor as well. Perhaps there is a minor issue and it may get tackled.

2. You have to buy a new hard disk. If buying a new one is not possible then consider connecting your USB port with any other device. If the system detects the USB drive then you need not to worry.

3. If nothing happens even after doing the above-mentioned steps, don’t panic. You have to check your drive controller board. If it has been damaged make sure to replace it.

You should use recoverit for dead hard drive recovery.

What can be recovered by using recoverit?

Recoverit is the data recovery software. It is trusted by many people. You can get any data with the help of recoverit.

1. You can recover any deleted word document or deleted pictures.

2. You can recover data which has been deleted from a USB drive or hard drive.

3. You can restore your recycle bin.

4. Even if you have emptied the trash, you can get the data back.

In short, you can use recoverit to recover data from damaged hard drive.

How to use recoverit?

Given below is the procedure to use recoverit for dead hard drive recovery:

1) You have to download and install this data recovery software on your PC.

2) Then you have to select a data loss scenario.

3) You have to scan your device. The device can be PC or Android phone.

4) Then you have to choose the location where the data loss occurred.

5) After the completion of scanning process, you will get a scanned report.

6) You have to preview it, and then click on recover files.

7) When you are satisfied with what you want to receive, you have to save files.

You will get what you lost by mistake.

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