What Would You Do If An Accident Occurs During Pregnancy?

What Would You Do If An Accident Occurs During Pregnancy?

An accident does not need any open invitation. It can occur at any point of time. The possibility of you tripping and falling on the floor, on the rump you might land hard or a serious form of accident can all happen. What happens when an accidental pregnancy occurs as something bad happens to you during pregnancy? When is the time to call over a health care specialist or you need to visit an emergency room.

The better news is that the uterus protects the developing baby. As it is muscular it can stand up a lot. The amniotic sac that is embedded goes on to act as a shock absorber which would provide considerable protection.

A bad accident in the form of a serious trauma or a car accident could pave way for more damage. If the accident is bad it could cause a tear in the membranes that keep the amniotic fluid together. One of the major dangers is that the placenta would tear away from the wall of the uterus. This could happen at a permanent or partial level referred to as placenta abruption. The moment you face placenta abruptions, chances of miscarriage or premature labor increases.

What can be done?

It would depend on how the serious accident is and what trimester of pregnancy you find yourself at.

If it appears to be a minor car accident where you and another car bump into each other, with the air bags not deploying. This happens during the first trimester of pregnancy; you have to stay calm and make a call to your doctor and explain to him what has happened. This could lead to accidental pregnancy causes and the doctor would ask you to come over to the clinic and check out things themselves.

Now the question is what about a serious car accident taking place. If the air bags of the car have been deployed which means they have gone off you might be taken to the nearest medical centre for a detailed evaluation. You can make an emergency call or ask someone to make the call. This same policy also applies in case if you had any other issue like a cut or lost consciousness during the accident. You should inform the medical team that you are pregnant and which stage of pregnancy you are likely to find yourself. Just hand them the phone number of the doctor.

In the emergency room you will be subject to a detailed examination done in the form of an ultrasound. You might also have to stay for several hours for a detailed observation. The purpose would be to figure out whether you are stable.

If some other form of accident involves not a car accident but falling of a tree or a blow to your abdomen then you need to get in touch with your medical provider. In the days leading up to the accident go on to observe whether any symptoms appear.

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