Let’s start with the gadget introduction.
Gadget introduction: Linksys extender is a repeater (Wi-Fi signal amplifier) that is mainly used for the extension of wireless signals. When the area of the home or office environment is relatively large, the coverage of a single wireless router is limited, and the signal in some areas is weak or there is a signal blind spot.

If a wireless expander is used, the weak signal of the existing wireless router can be performed. The expanders enhanced magnification of the Wi-Fi so that there are Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your premise.
Now let’s move to the setting part.
Setting method
For your more convenient Linksys extender.linksys.com setup, we have created a setup document for both types of wireless extenders, please read as per your gadget:
Single frequency wireless extender
The setting method of the wireless expander is similar, and the summary is as follows:

 Place the wireless extender in a suitable position between the main router and the weaker signal area to supply power.

    The phone or notebook searches for the signal from the expander and connects the signal.

    Enter tplogin.cn in the browser to log in to the expander interface and set an administrator password.

    Follow the setup wizard after Linksys extender router login to scan the signal, select the signal to be expanded, enter the wireless password, and save the settings. (The single-frequency wireless expander only scans the 2.4G wireless signal of the expander, and the dual-band wireless router scans the 2.4G and 5G wireless signals separately.)

Wondering - how to set up the Linksys wireless expander?

After the expansion is complete, observe the indicator of the wireless expander. Orange or green indicates that the expansion is successful. (If the indicator light is orange, adjust the position of the expander as appropriate)

After the Linksys extender setup is successful, the wireless terminal can connect to the extended wireless signal to access the Internet. During the terminal movement, automatic roaming between the main router and the expander can be realized.

Dual frequency wireless extender
The purpose of using the expander is to enhance the amplification of the existing wireless signal, so please clearly specify the wireless signal and password to be amplified before setting. Steps given below clearly describe how to set up the dual - band wireless extender using a mobile phone.

    Connect your phone signal extender default: Power on the wireless extender. By default, the dual-band wireless expander transmits a wireless signal. Many users are connected to other Wi-Fi signals, which make it impossible to enter the interface. So you must ensure that you have connected to the “default " signal.

    Enter the expander management interface: After successfully connecting the wireless signal of the expander, the phone will automatically pop up the setting page (if there is no automatic pop-up page, please open the mobile browser and manually enter extender.linksys.com in the address bar). Please set a password for the management expander of not less than 6 digits. Click "Login" after the setting is completed.

    Follow the prompts to expand the 2.4G wireless signal: Enter the expander settings interface; the expander will automatically scan the surrounding signals, waiting for a while. Find the signal you want to expand in the list of scanned signals, select the signal (if the search is not available, the signal may be too weak (to adjust the distance between the expander and the router) or Chinese signal (please change the main signal to letters), enter the wireless password of the 2.4G signal to be extended, and click “Next”.

    Follow the prompts to extend the 5G wireless signal : Next, the extender will automatically scan the surrounding 5G signal, wait for a while, check to find that you want to expand the list to the scanning signal 5G signal, the input to be extended 5G signal wireless password, click "Save "  

So this was the setup part. But wait! There’s more…

When setting up the wireless expander, please note the following:

Signal strength
The principle of the expander to extend the weak signal is to receive the weak signal first, and then to amplify, so you need to place the expander where you can find the signal to be extended (main route).

The number of expanders
In general, a 200 square meter large living room environment uses a wireless router plus an expander. If the environment is large or complex, multiple expanders can be used, but it is not recommended to access too many expanders (affecting the capacity and speed).

Extension method

According to actual needs, you can expand as follows:
•    Star expansion: Suitable for the center to perimeter coverage for extended coverage.
•    Linear expansion: Applicable to the expansion of rectangular areas, extending the coverage distance.

 The extended signal
After the wireless expander is successfully set, the name and password of the wireless signal are the same as those of the primary router by default, and the terminal can automatically roam to a stronger signal during the mobile process. For more information, you can visit linksys.com.

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