Easy tips for Manage your Multiple Social Account

Having multiple social media accounts is a common thing to many people today. Regardless of if you are organizing several accounts for the client or switching between your business and personal accounts, it can be tricky to keep all things on track. Every platform and has its way of scheduling but many social media tools make it easy to be organized. The tips below will help you manage multiple accounts on all social platforms.

Document all branding and social media strategies

Easy tips for Manage your Multiple Social Account

It is quite easy to allow multiple accounts to run independently. If you decide to have several accounts, you need an even style guide and documented strategy. You can create a wholesome strategy and an individual account strategy but the idea remains the same. A documented strategy will help the team to stay in sync with one another.

Look for software to manage social media

Easy tips for Manage your Multiple Social Account

The last thing you desire is to copy and paste one post in various pages of Facebook. Look for a social media management software and put it among your social media tools to help you manage engagement and publishing in a single program. For purposes of publishing, there are tools that can handle various accounts easily. When it comes to groups, it becomes easy to publish similar content for different networks and multiple accounts with a single button.

Stay organized

The truth is that managing various accounts is a hard task. The easiest way of making sure that you are not falling behind on posts or forgetting one of the accounts is to stay organized. It includes scheduling content ahead of time, checking all your profiles daily, and automating particular tasks. It is vital to view all the accounts you have in a single place with the help of a single software package so that you do not have a lot of tabs open all at once. Having knowledge of all platforms is crucial for you to know how to schedule them, analyze, and post the content for each of them.

Plan ahead

Scheduling posts ahead of time is crucial when it comes to managing diverse accounts. Save enough time by scheduling all of them at once and post on the basis of your schedule. Plan out a day after three weeks to gather content and come up with posts for Facebook, Instagram, blog, and Twitter. This is a great spot to schedule because it gives you enough time between each schedule, allows for the addition of trends, crucial news, and other events which are upcoming. Instagram is quite tricky but there are apps that will give you the opportunity to plan the grid, add hashtags and captions, and schedule posts so that you will have to copy and paste.

Employ social media tools

Easy tips for Manage your Multiple Social Account

There are many software and tools in the market for managing various accounts. They vary according to each individual platform, but the best one when scheduling Twitter posts is buffer. It has a simple and clean interface that allows for connecting with various accounts for you to see everything in a single place. It also allows you to schedule Facebook posts, but you can use the native scheduling tool from Facebook. Tailwind makes scheduling on Pinterest easy while apps like UNUM and Planoly are perfect for planning Instagram.


There are a lot of reasons to consider when managing social accounts with social media tools. By the end of it all, you will have to make sure that you add them for the right reasons since you have seen your competitor doing it. After deciding, make a plan and choose the right social media tools that will help you in execution. The tools will use one dashboard to log in at once, schedule posts before time to keep content coming and save time, and split the stream in manageable chunks. You will also find simple stats which are meaningful and you can analyze them at a glance.

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