Roku Device Streaming Player - Complete Setup

The Roku Link Code and setup procedure for all players would be the same. This article describes the basic setup instructions for Roku streaming player of any model.

Roku Device Streaming Player - Complete Setup
Almost every Roku streaming players can work with any television via HDMI connection. HDMI stands for High-definition multimedia interface that supports a connection between projector, flat-screen HDTV, cable box and a Blu-ray player. On the other hand, these cables are also used for audio equipment like recording system, speakers, and mixers.
While connecting the Roku streaming player with your TV via HDMI connection, it is strictly recommended to all our beloved users to make use of that cable that consists of a high speed.
Important Note: In order to connect older or existing television, note down that some Roku models include a standard composite video connection (an addition to HDMI connection).
Setup Steps For Roku Player:
1.    First of all, connect your Roku streaming player with your smart TV using a composite cable or high speed HDMI cable.
2.    Secondly, if your device has an Ethernet port, then use an USB cable to connect Roku player to the Ethernet port on your WI-Fi router.
3.    Now, connect the power connector to the Roku player and after that, connect the power adapter into an electric wall socket.
4.    Insert batteries by opening the battery cover on your remote. Note down that the batteries shouldn’t be damaged. It supposed to be about good company.
Also, make sure that the correct TV input is selected on your HDTV. You can now see the logo of your Roku device on your TV screen as soon as your Roku player is turned on. Help is available here if you are facing problems with your remote control or setting up your Roku device.
Choose a language
When you turn on your Roku player, the screen displayed will prompt you to choose a preferred language of your choice. The entire text and dialog within the Roku application will be displayed. After that, scroll up and down the list and hit the OK button on your Roku remote and choose a language.
Important Note: It supposed to be the responsibility of channel provider to translate their channel and also Stream AVI Roku. Note down that some channels may not support your preferred language.
Connect the Roku player your Internet and Network
First of all, you have to select a wireless network from the list of available networks and after that, enter your password. In case you can’t see your network, select the ‘Scan again to see all networks’ option.
Moreover, if you want to see your password, check the box ‘Show Password’. This process can help prevent entering the incorrect password for Link Activation Code.
Tip: Use the shift or caps lock button on keyboard to enter a capital letter.

When you are done with entering your password, tap on “connect” and wait till your Roku successfully connects with the internet. You can get more help by having a word with our tech support team if you failed to connect to your wireless network.
Wait for the Roku Player Until and Unless Download the latest Software
Once you are connected to the WI-Fi network/ internet, your Roku player will automatically check to see whether a software update is available or not. If there is, it will download the latest version and reboot automatically. Here, you have to remain calm. Don’t get hype when you see your Roku player getting restarted.
Consider Setting the Display Type
Now, your Roku player will analyze the HDMI connection to determine the best display resolution so you don’t have to configure the settings manually. To do so, change the display type by going to Settings > Display type.
Create a secure Roku account and activate the Roku player
To activate your Roku player, it must link to Roku account via Roku Link Code. Remember that your Roku account keeps the track of Roku devices you own and permits you to add free and purchase channels by the means of Roku Channel Store.
Important Note: There wouldn’t be a charge to create a Roku account.
Guidelines for activating your Roku player will be displayed on your TV, including the activation code for your Roku device. For this, you have to visit At last, enter the code and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Roku player.

Roku Device Streaming Player - Complete Setup
Congrats! You have finally reached your destination successfully without any issue
You have now completed the entire activation steps. Now, your Roku player is ready to use.
Get Roku Purple Screen Fix instantly by the assistance and help of our Roku TV Support.
A Quick Tip: You can personalize your Roku player by changing your theme or screensaver. On the other hand, you can also use the Roku Channel Store to add new streaming channels, games, themes, screensavers, and other apps.
 If there is something tickling in your mind, ask us via comment section given below.

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