The internet has brought a major change in the business world by introducing online business. As per the study, the modern day people are more prone to buy products from online stores, rather than physical stores. This is the reason why most of the businessmen prefer to come online. When it comes to online business, a custom designed website is what that you need the most.

Three Old School SEO Tactics You Should Never Ignore

A fully fledged website can play a major role to drive the web traffic. But without online marketing solutions and SEO strategies, it is just nearly impossible to gain a strong online presence and to drive web traffic. SEO that stands for search engine optimization is a process of bringing a specific webpage or website on the top of the list in search engine result pages or SERPs. This is how SEO drives online audiences.

In the following write up, I have talked about some of the best SEO practices and tactics. To know about these, you may dive into the below section now.

1.    Avoid Sharing Links Between Websites
Whether you are playing by the rules or practicing aggressive SEO, it is a good idea to avoid sharing links between your websites. You should keep links separate so that, in case, one site goes, it will not drag down the rest of your websites. It's not uncommon for the low-quality website which shares a specific link with one of your websites for causing the dots to get connected to that particular site. You need to keep all your websites separated so that they will not be able to share the same inbound links.

2.    Cut The Speed Of Downloading
You might know that a fast download speed results in more sales and more ad impressions. This will also keep your site running. There is nothing worse than to experience massive traffic and watch the server crash, because of the web traffic. To cut your speed to the max, you can do the following things, avoid using external fonts, use a minimal template and avoid using external icons. You may consult experienced SEO experts from Durban SEO Company. The experts know all the SEO tactics very well.

3.    Make It Easy For Linking To Your Website
You should make short file names. Now you may raise questions, like, what is wrong with the use of long hyphenated-page-URLs? There is nothing wrong with this practice. But you can get more benefits by using short file names. It can easily fit on a page, it is easy to remember, and it will look great on social media. You should never stop people from hot linking. You might know that hot linking as well as sharing images from your website is indeed a great way of improving your SEO ranking.

Hope all the information; regarding SEO practice is useful for you. To drive more online audiences and to improve your ranking, you may follow the given tactics. For further queries, you can consult experienced SEO experts from a top-notch digital marketing agency.

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