10 Essential Features of your PrestaShop Mobile App

10 must-have features of your Prestashop Mobile App

PrestaShop eCommerce platform is one of the major retail business media for online merchants. The platform is easy to use and provides a wide range of beneficial range of features.

But, with the technological advancements in the mobile app industry, mobile users have increased far more than desktop shoppers. Actually, the website users shifted their preference to the mobile apps for shopping for easy and affordable services. In this fast-paced world, the users want everything at their fingertips and mobile apps is a handy solution for that.

The modern users look forward to shopping and pay through the phone. So, it's your responsibility to provide the effective user interface to the app users with all the advanced functionalities. Here, I am sharing a few must-have features for your app to assure its top-notch quality and performance:

1. Intuitive app interface

The design of your app plays a compelling role when it comes to influencing the user's decision. If your app provides an effective and user-friendly shopping experience, the users would stick around. So, while getting an app developed for your PrestaShop store, try to offer a simple and quick approach to the front-end users. This also helps in turning the app visitors into potential users.

2. Push notifications

Push notifications are a handy marketing tool for mobile apps. These notifications keep your customers up-to-date with the latest offerings. Push notifications notify the users even when they are not using the app which annoys some users as well. However, most of the times this feature has given remarkable results. Get this feature incorporated into your app and reap out the benefits.

3. Clutter-free navigation

The customers always like to navigate without any complex methods. An uncluttered layout in your PrestaShop mobile app will help customers to find exactly what they are looking for in no time. Moreover, filter and sort options in the app ensures that your customers find their desired product with ease.

4. Synchronization

There are various PrestaShop mobile app solution which comes with default sync with your website. All the changes made in the website backend are automatically reverted on the mobile apps. So, if you want to ease the management burden, automatic synchronization must be there in your application.

5. Social media benefits

Social media integration would definitely benefit your business by allowing the vast product share and quick login options. Social sharing would motivate the users to become part of your store. All the major social networks as Facebook, Google etc. should be there in the app to provide hassle-free shop experience.

6. Secure online payments

Unavailability of preferred payment methods often leads to the cart abandonment. Your PrestaShop mobile app should have multiple yet reliable payment methods. So, while creating your app try to provide a variety of payment options in the app with proper security.

7. Add to cart and wish list option

The PrestaShop mobile app should make the product purchase process most simple and quick. The shopping cart should load instantly. The Product quantity update and remove option should be there in the cart. Also, there must be a wish list bag in the app for product bookmarking.

8. Live seller-buyer chat

Having a 24/7 live chat feature is great to gain the loyalty of the users to your store. The buyer can ask their queries directly from you and you can resolve them easily. Thus, this feature bridges the gap between the users and the store admin.

9. Voice search

As discussed earlier, your PrestaShop app wouldn't show growing results if the product search is tedious in any way. Keeping your app interface intuitive is the one way to do that. Also, additionally you can provide the advanced voice search functionality for seamless product search.

10. Order tracking

Your mobile apps should have some tracking facility for the placed orders. Often it happens that the online shoppers get insecure about the product delivery. Try to display the delivery status of the order directly in the apps.

So, these were some of the essential features of PrestaShop mobile app which you should consider at the time of app development. Hopefully, the information proves helpful to all of you.

New Features Update by PreStashop Mobile App Builder:

10 Essential Features of your PrestaShop Mobile App

1. Flexible Home Screen Layout:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers store merchant a customizable home screen layout on the mobile app. The store admin can easily customize home screen layout of the mobile app from back-end. All he needs to do is set the positioning and upload the banners according to various occasions and events. The following attributes are available for home screen customization:

1. Top Categories.

2. Square Banner.

3. Grid Product.

4. Grid Banner.

5. Countdown Sale Timer Banner.

6. Horizontal Sliding Product.

7. Horizontal Sliding Banner.

8. Recently Accessed Product.

2. Gamified Pop-up Email Interface:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker provides a gamified pop-up email subscription interface to online shoppers. With the help of gamified poup interface, the store merchant can easily capture the email id of online shoppers and send them personalized emails for promotion and marketing. But the functionality of spin wheel will only work on the mobile app if the KnowBand's PrestaShop spin and win module is installed on the store.

3. Brand Recognition:

Want to promote your store? Well, With the help of PrestaShop Mobile App Creator, the store admin can easily promote the store by adding a brand logo on header of the mobile app. The store merchant can easily add a brand logo from back-end panel. It also creates brand awareness among people.

4. Social Login:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder provides a quick and simple login to online shoppers. The following options are available for login are as follows:

1. Google/Facebook Login.

2. Fingerprint Login. 

3. OTP Authentication.

5. Live Chat:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers a live chat feature on the mobile application which allows store merchant to get in touch with online shoppers 24*7. The following features are available for live chat are as follows:

   1. Zopim Chat.

  2. WhatsApp Chat.

6. Feature Product Display:

Our PrestaShop Mobile App Builder allows admin to highlight the store's top product or most popular product on the mobile. The admin can display the products in both grid or list order.

7. Swipe Product Display:

The PrestaShop eCommerce mobile app brings you swipe product display feature on the mobile app through which online shoppers can browse the products by swiping right or left on the product screen. 

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