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Using Sample Graduate School Essays as Guides when Applying to Schools with Graduate .

Degree Options for Those Who Love Children

If you love kids, you have many career options to choose from. One of these is FCS or Family and Child Studies. Child Life specialization is one field you can choose if you wish to have a more specific career track. When you graduate from a child-focused graduate program, your other career options include the following: 

# A child life specialist in many children’s hospitals

# A teacher in various institutions 

# A research associate

# A social worker in both publicly and privately funded organizations

# An employee at the government health and human services

Your graduate school essay as a step toward a kid-oriented career

If you wish to join a kid-oriented graduate degree program, you would have to undergo the application process, which includes submitting an admissions essay or look at this website . As you take a peek at so many sample graduate school essays culled from libraries, websites, and even friends, you would discover that a properly done essay is one which does not pass itself off as a mini-biography. While it is good to include one or two life experiences in the admission essay, the principal concentration has to be on one’s goals and objectives as a future child specialist or practitioner specializing in child studies. Different schools differ in the structure and style required for an essay. The graduate essay could be in reply to questions given by the program in the application papers, or you could just adhere to a directive on the field of particular study. 

This statement allows you the chance to “market” yourself as you apply for a spot in a kid-focused graudate program. The objective is to persuade the admissions committee that you would be a good addition to the school. Relevant experiences acquired from your undergrad course would come into play. This is where you can discuss your experiences such as working at a shelter for homeless kids or at an orphanage. Your essay should be a tool for you to express your love for children without going overboard. You can use sample graduate school essays as guides when writing your own. 

It is a good idea to put in your academic achievements and mention them in the essay vis-a-vis your education objectives. Doing your own research regarding the school and the particular course you are applying to would prove to be helpful. If there are inconsistencies in your records, the admission essay would be the perfect means for you to explain them in a constructive manner. An example is if you had to quit studies for two years because you had to take care of a parent with a terminal illness. You can 

discuss this in your essay. Please however, do not turn it into a sob story. While admissions officers do have compassion, turning the essay into a dramatic elaboration of a personal tragedy is a bad idea.

Sample Graduate Essays

Children-focused graduate programs are just like other graduate courses, in the sense that one would be required to submit his or her personal statement or admission essay. Your love for children would make a good topic for your essay, especially if you have lots of experiences in working at children’s hospitals, child centers, orphanages, or other similar establishments. 

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