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Implementing Cryptography by using MD5 algorithm.

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Implementing Cryptography by using MD5 algorithm

In last blog I had explained that how to implement cryptography by using SHA1 algorithm. In this article I will describe another method to implement concept of Cryptography in C#. Here I will use MD5 algorithm to encrypt data from user.

Following code demonstrate use of MD5 algorithm

public static void encryptMd5()


            string strText = "";

            Console.Write("Enter Name of Text--->   ");

            strText = Console.ReadLine();

            MD5CryptoServiceProvider provider = new MD5CryptoServiceProvider();

            byte[] encryptData = provider.ComputeHash(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(strText));

            Console.WriteLine("Encrypted Value Is....");

            foreach (byte tempData in encryptData)






Output of the above code snippet is as follows

Enter Name of Text--->   MindStick
Encrypted Value Is....

Enter Name of Text--->   Washington
Encrypted Value Is....

Decryption is also needed...

By Anurag Chaurasia on   6 years ago
Hello Sir,
        I need the Programme on the decryption too...

Hashed value cannot be decrypted.

By Awadhendra Tiwari on   6 years ago

You cannot decrypt hashed sha1 value. You can only compare one hash value to another hash value.

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