You have a business and you have not ventured into social media craze! You need to know that silence is not an option any longer. People are reading about your firm online, whether you love it or hate it. If you do not engage in a conversation, you have the risk of losing customers.

Sign up for social media platforms

All social media platforms allow you to create pages for your business. You need to make sure that you start by reading business rules. You can create pages through a personal account if the business allows you to do it. That makes it possible for business owners to manage that. Every employee in the company becomes your advocate.

Seek a social media manager

Managing several social media platforms is daunting. Therefore, before starting to post content, adding followers and asking friend requests, signing up for a social media manager like Hootsuite and is crucial. It will allow you manage all accounts from one site and schedule messages to deploy for you not to sit there for the whole day. It helps you review your tweet success in real time via statistics. You can also gather mentions about your brand, search terms, and industry on Twitter.

Post updates

It is crucial to possess content when using social media before starting to add followers and friends. When finding friends, they will look at pages and see whether they can follow you. Provide valuable info about your industry. Post pictures of the people or business enjoying your business. You can post videos on YouTube for your business, experiences of customers, and encourage customers to make their own. It is also possible to favorite other users on YouTube and they will get on your page.

Do not over-promote

The common trap that businesses fall into is using a social media platform like regular advertising. You do not want to be promoting yourself in all posts. You have to create content for people to see and enjoy. It is okay to promote yourself once in a while. Other marketers use the one-in-seven rule, which states that for each promotional post, six others have to be based on content. In these six posts, you need to share articles, ask a question, or comment on events. You do not have to avoid mentioning your brand entirely in the post but take care not to sell too hard.

Address Difficulties Quickly

You may receive positive feedback on your social pages. On some occasions, you may come across an individual that is argumentative, upset or has a negative thing to stay with your firm.

You need to monitor mentions of your brand carefully on social media to catch issues before escalating. Immediately you identify an issue, engage the person publicly and apologize when necessary and offering to solve the issue over direct messages. In this way, people seeing your post know that you are responsible but do not have to see all the specifics of the problem.

Provide Value

This is the most crucial thing to do on social media. Your followers need value. Create something your audience will deem useful. It needs to be something telling them things they did not know before; entertain them, makes them laugh, or any other thing that is beneficial. Using social media attracts the desired customers to the business, makes people follow you on social media platforms, and helps in the spread of content.

Avoid syndicated messages

While it is possible to use tools which allow you writing a message and have it appear on various media outlets, there is a risk of losing sincerity behind the message. You can use the same language since you promote the offer on various sites; you need to be sure to change the words while reflecting tones of all networks.

Reward virtual check-ins

For a particular period, double points every time the customer checks in and triple his points every time he comes with a friend. Friends on different social networks will have the ability to see when they check in while expanding your reach exponentially.


With about three billion active social media users, it is a potential goldmine for current patrons and new customers who can be repeat customers. Come up with a great social media campaign and you will have the ability to connect with those individuals and grow the base of customers.

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