Mobvoi TicHome Mini Speaker Review: Discount Code, Design, Features, and Performance

The smart speaker market is changing fast. Google has been setting the pace with its Google Home smart speaker. Now, they have opened the door for other manufacturers. One of them happens to be Mobvoi, a Chinese smart speaker manufacturer. The company is popularly known for the TicHome Mini.

This speaker cost $99 but you can enjoy 10% off on all orders with code SBBBPA. TicHome Mini is often likened to Google Home since the two shares some similarities in design and performance.

Here is an unbiased review of the smart speaker.

The Design

TicHome Mini has a simple and tiny design. It comes in a hockey puck appearance in colors such as black, white, and pink. The speaker is generally lightweight, weighing 276g, and is about 110mm in diameter. It has a silver edging. Attached is a leather strap that allows you to hang it anywhere in your house or carry it.


The main features of the speaker are:

• 4-physical buttons: There is the volume plus button, the volume minus button, the dialogue button, and the power button. The power button also acts as the mute button.

• Voice command: You actually don’t have to use the physical buttons since you can use this feature.

• LED lighting: This feature notifies you on the battery charge and also when the voice command is initiated.

• Microphones: There are a total of two microphones and they are responsible for picking up voice commands.

• Connectivity: The speaker easily connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

• Compatibility: The speaker is compatible with most Android devices.


The speaker is packed with a USB charger and an instructional manual.


The setting up process for the mini speaker is straightforward. Once you turn it on, the speaker literally guides you on how to set it up through voice direction.


This speaker is great in functionality. TicHome Mini is a speaker that you can carry to use anywhere because it’s lightweight and has superior battery performance. The battery is rated 2600mAh and it allows the speaker to run for 6 hours before charging. The speaker is great at recognizing voice commands and its audio performance is fairly good. The output is 3W. Surprisingly, the sound feels greater than the rating. Maybe it’s because of the grille below it. Provided that you are connected to the Wi-Fi, the smart features are retained regardless of where you are. But still, the speaker can work on Bluetooth mode in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, though the performance will be reduced.

Pros and Cons Pros


• Highly portable due to its lightweight

• Long battery life

• Flexible to be placed almost anywhere in the house

• Has an amazing waterproofing quality. It is, therefore, a great fit for the shower room.

• It’s unique in appearance and generally attractive.

• The setup process is simple


• The absence of an interactive screen

• Its performance fades when you are off the Wi-Fi


Despite its small size, Mobvoi’s TicHome Mini is an impressive smart speaker. Its design and performance are just amazing. It’s close to what you get from Google Home. You can enjoy more Mobvoi codes at Coupon Cause for TicHome Mini and many other mini speakers if you choose to shop today.

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