How to Become a Successful Blockchain Developer in just Six Months?

Today, we have brought this blog just to let you know about this profession.The suggestions and information enclosed in this blog are not limited to the fresher, even it is also good for the experienced professionals too. Experienced technical professionals who want to become a blockchain developer need to follow a proper channel to start their career as blockchain developer. Main requirements for the profession are:

Get all required Knowledge and Skills

  1. Know Blockchain Principles
    You must know blockchain basics if you want to dive into this field or world of the blockchain. For this know the basics of blockchain and its working way. The techniques with which you must familiarize are unlocking digital cryptocurrency and mastering Bitcoin.
  2. Know about Ethereum Platform
    For the blockchain field, one of the most asked and used terms is Ethereum platform. You must know and experience the platform in order to become a successful developer. To know about Ethereum platform, you must know about Ethereum client, the two most popular clients are Parity and Geth.
  3. Learn Truffle and Solidity
    For smart contracts, the special language of Ethereum is Solidity and Truffle is the platform and you must know both of them to become a successful blockchain developer. Solidity is easier to understand and is like JavaScript, you can also learn Truffle for blockchain developer.
  4. Get a good understanding of data structure
    In order to become a successful blockchain developer, you must be familiar with all popular data structures like Stack, Liked List, Tree, Queue, and HashMaps.
  5. Get Familiar with Blockchain source code and Protocol
    Bitcoin is an open source platform and anyone can contribute to the Bitcoin project at any stage, so know and get familiar with the C++ platform and start contributing to the Bitcoin platform. Developers must also know distributed ledger protocol so learn about this to get into this industry.

Collect and know all Learning Resources

There is a comprehensive list of learning resources, you can find a number of platforms to get an idea of the technology. Try to find out all popular platforms that are being used by the developers to learn blockchain like YouTube, GitHub, and other many popular platforms. You can learn the technology and become proficient in that. There are a number of resources choose the one that best suits your requirement and become a developer quickly.

You can join the online paid or free courses. Most of the online educational platforms keep on launching new and fresh batches for developers, so look out appropriate one for you and join it. You can also join any offline course to become the developer.

Make Money as Blockchain Developer

After learning the technology you can also find a job in this industry either in big tech firms and startup organizations. Know where you want to specialize. You can also find the jobs in government organizations, professional services, and firms.  There are job listing sites as well that enlist the jobs for blockchain developers so check them and find your dream job.
You can get a certification in blockchain and easily find a job in the industry. Hyperledger platform is one of such, platform in which you can earn this certification for this you must have a strong understanding and experience in Java and C++ like languages. Then you can contribute to the open source projects and get paid for the same. For this, you can solve GitHub problems and learn the bitcoin technology.

Follow below-listed steps to become a developer:

  • Search a funded issue from GitHub
  • Claim the issue
  • Provide a great solution to the issues
  • Submit the solution and get paid for that

Another way to earn money is to start your own startup or cryptocurrency, this can be done just with the help of few line code, OpenZep2pelin like platforms allow you to open Ethereum tokens and even non-technical persons can also open and launch these tokens.

DApps are like mobile apps that can be accessed through smartphones, you can develop such DApps and start them monetizing. If your app will become successful or popular then as a blockchain developer you can earn 2-5% profit for each transaction. DApps can be monetized in the following listed ways:

  • Launch your token by making a crowded sale
  • Take fee in percent for every transaction
  • Premium functionality must be chargeable
  • Offer membership and paid subscriptions
  • Add advertisements
  • Take donations

In this way, you can earn money from the blockchain field. A blockchain developer can earn easily lots of money if will follow the rules properly.
Expand your network as a Blockchain Developer.

You can become a successful developer just not only be considering the above-listed factors, instead, there are a few other factors that can help you. Like having some knowledge and background in economics can help you. It may not be sufficient to be a successful programmer, even you must also know about game theory, micro and macroeconomics, supply and demand, monetary policies, auction theory, inflation and deflation, and opportunity cost.

Networking is also a contributing factor for blockchain, that can help in exchanging ideas and launching the new jobs. Skills can be easily advanced and enhanced through this. Search nearby meetups to know more about blockchain and connect with other people. Have some soft skills and if you have developed any application then get feedback for that and then use it.

Final Words:

The Blockchain is one of the popular fields and people are curious about it. If you also want to build your dream career as a blockchain developer then know about this industry and then start following the career path for the technology.

The Blockchain is one of the best technologies available so far that can provide you better earning and even non-technical persons can also dive into the technology any time if they are also interested in pursuing a lucrative career in Blockchain domain by following tips given in the blog post.

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