15 Killer Digital Marketing Skills that are High in Demand & Pay Out

Digital marketing is one of the hottest careers today and is high on demand among all businesses looking for prospective leads through online channels. A recent study supporting this phrase revealed that India has spent 1 Billion Dollars in Digital Marketing in 2017!

Online businesses have tremendous exposure and can reach millions of people around the world in a matter of hours. However not every business reaches to the height where it expects to reach. Online businesses today need a proper execution of ongoing marketing tactics. This is where a need of proficient Digital Marketer arises.

A Digital Marketer knows where your potential consumers are, how to create & establish a relationship with them. To stay competitive, a Digital Marketing professional needs to keep up with the changes by learning and mastering new skills constantly.

So what are those skills that are high in demand today? DP Vishwakarma, talks it about and offer the top 15 killer skills from his personal list that will help you in becoming an ace digital marketer every business seeks to hire. 

  • Understanding Consumer’s Preferences

Understanding consumer’s preferences, how he thinks and buys a product is an ultimate path of reaching & maintaining a relation with consumers. Just put a thorough check on ever changing consumer preferences, analytics, the changing or shift in demand and other marketing basics. This will enhance your marketing skills and you are more likely start understanding the consumer behavior.

  • Proficiency in Popular Paid/Free Advertising Channels

To be a best Digital Marketer, you must know the paid advertising channels (Facebook, Google, Remarketing, Email, Display, etc.) as well as the popular organic channels like SEO, Content, Social, PR, etc. All these channels are channels which you need to master for you to get free traffic on your website.

  • Communication- The USP of Digital Marketing Field

Communication can proved to be a USP in your digital marketing journey. You need to be an awesome communicator to become an awesome digital marketer. Remember Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign? Nike communicated really well on all over Internet, commercial ads on TV & public hoardings & made its audience shout out loud, saying ‘Just Do It’. Without a proper communication, this campaign would have not been as successful as it is now.

  • Locate Your Data

Data is the biggest tool in your arsenal on your journey to becoming a digital marketer.

So, where your data lies? Well first it is Google Analytics, then CRM & sales team. There are many places where your data is being distributed and is present. As a marketer, you need to know where is the data which you’re looking for & how you are going to analyze this data extracting the best out of it.

  • A Little Technical Skills will do Wonders

Being from the Engineering and Technological background will aid a benefit to your Digital Marketing journey. Understanding of making landing page, design of the page, knowledge of front-end web development & HTML codes will even sharp your edges.

Unfortunately if you are not from Computer Engineering background, try learning basic technical skills such as CSF, HTML WordPress, SQL, etc., and it will take you a long way in your digital marketing journey.

  • Product Marketing Skills- The 4 P’s

Get an understanding of the four ‘P’s of marketing related to the product: product features, price, place and promotion. This will help you in making your campaign successful & fruitful for business.

  • Think Out of the Box, Be passionate & Curious

As a digital marketer, you need to be really curious. You need to do a lot of experiments and you need to be very passionate about digital marketing. Digital marketing field is so unpredictable and changes so much in no time. Hence, you need to keep learning newer channels as they come and rely on out of the box thinking bringing up new ideas. Try experimenting with a whole lot of things, keep experimenting, keep doing out of the box things, and keep learning from them, but with control.

  • Keep an Eye on Analytics

An understanding of analytics carries an important role in building your skill tool kit of Digital Marketing. 

Analytics means understanding data and knowing what to do with it. In any marketing campaign, it is essential to run tests, track data, and then analyze that data to determine how you can improve and overcome marketing plateaus.

Understanding the basic principles and tools and being able to apply techniques will allow marketers to unlock the power of data and optimize digital activities.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having the skills and know-how to optimise websites to turn hard-earned visitors into leads and sales is exceedingly important for businesses. To be effective in conversion rate optimization, you need to know 

  • How to set up, track and interpret site statistics
  • Turn those statics into valuable, actionable insights
  • Convert visitors into customers.

Knowing how to test, analyse customer paths and interactions and continually optimise copy to achieve online objectives is an invaluable skill-set for any marketer.

  • Content Management

Google search algorithms are increasingly focusing on providing valuable, quality content to audiences. Well content is still a king and an essential tool in a skill kit of a Digital Marketing Expert.

A meaningful & unique content aids in the areas of marketing, such as email, social and SEO. To be a good content manager, you should have the:

  • Solid understanding of digital marketing and strategy
  • good copywriting skills
  • Proficiency in creating punchy headlines & social media captions
  • Ability to write differently for different online channels

Making a unique and incredible content and marketing it to the point of it going viral will let you gain high levels of expertise in Digital Marketing fields.

  • Hands on Expertise in Social Media

Social Media is what all comes to mind if you are looking to maximize your brand exposure. Social media is the most powerful tools in the modern marketing world. Study reveals that nearly one-third of the population is currently using one or the other type of social media platform.

Businesses can generate measurable results using social media techniques and skills. However, most companies, even many tech companies, simply have no understanding of how to leverage the different social platforms to achieve their goals.

A social media expertise is necessary to know about:

  • the best times of day to post
  • the types of posts that generate the most user engagement, and
  • ways to use each platform to achieve specific goals.

Mastering social media marketing skills is difficult but once you grasp it, it will soon leverage you high returns offering highly paid digital marketing positions in the world.

  • Mobile Marketing To Reach Higher Audience

“Understanding how to acquire the mobile audience, but also creating a great experience for them as they go through that mobile journey are the critical success factors.” ~ Amit Shah, Vice President of online, social and mobile at the recent ADMA Global Forum.

Mobile marketing is not just a use of single device but offers an understanding of user targeting, user habits, tactics, new technologies, apps etc through multiple channels.

Mobile Marketing is a complex subject and needs proficiency in the complicated aspects such as SMS and responsive designs. Don’t misunderstand it with Desktop marketing. There are enough differences to make this an essential standalone skill.

  • Go Ahead with Sharp SEO Skills

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is growing and evolving very fast putting itself at the top of the Digital Marketing list.

Due to the changes in Google’s search algorithm, SEO practices are changing. Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of white-hat marketing techniques, such as content marketing and guest blogging, which are becoming a critical part of SEO success.

Because of all these changes, hiring a dedicated team of SEO experts is an utmost necessity for any business. SEO Technical skills include: keywords development, tracking, measurement, optimization and linking. Learn these skills and you are ready to rock the Digital Marketing world!

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Skills for Cost-Effective Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC), on the other hand, is a cost-effective marketing tactic that can transform your business marketing with a minimum spend. PPC thus a high demand digital marketing skill companies look for. 

A PPC expert knows how to drive targeted traffic to a website at the lowest possible cost. PPC helps building a company’s website reach rank #1 within Google by bringing in high quality, targeted traffic. This in turn helps in generating high amounts of revenue for businesses.

  • PPC Skills a Digital Marketer must have, include:
  • A strong grasp of math, marketing strategy, and analytics
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and AdWords
  • An understanding of search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and its integration with online and offline channels.
  • Ability to develop campaigns, analyzing those campaigns & making a report on them
  • Skills to bring in targeted traffic through PPC for the lowest cost possible.

 Requirement of these skills make PPC expert the most difficult marketing jobs in the world but at the same time one of the best paying marketing jobs too.

  • Email Marketing- From Scratch to Valuable Data

Gone are the days when marketing was restricted to knocking down on the client door, spending hours and hours every day searching for new clients. All this is taken over by Email marketing. If you know how to leverage a long email list for your business then you can earn a large amount of income every month with almost no work.

Various companies today looks for email marketers who can build huge lists from scratch and then use those lists to achieve a variety of goals. To master Email Marketing, all you need are:

  • Skills of writing high quality emails that will generate you new customers.
  • Building a valuable email list from scratch or raw data
  • Using those lists to grow your social media following, promote new products, and drive new sales.

If you can learn how to master the email marketing process from start to finish, you will have clients begging to work with you.

  • What to Conclude at the End?

Digital marketing is one of the best industries to work in. Whether you are a freelancer working for a variety of clients, entrepreneur running your own business or just looking for a stable job with one company, this lucrative skill will always strive offering a highest paid job for you. 

 what are you waiting for? Go, learn & acquire these marketable skills and prove yourself a leader of the Digital Marketing Industry!

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