One thing is sure about Wikipedia biography and that is its authenticity. The huge list of references at the end of the biography speaks volume about the quality it offers. If you want to delve deeper into any particular section of the information you can easily scroll down and navigate to the site where the detailed version of that information is available.

Writing a biography on Wikipedia is not so easy as it involves a number of things you need to focus on. If you want to work like the Wikipedia experts, you must read the guide summarized below:

Pick a Person

The first thing Wikipedia experts have to do is to pick a person who is notable and interesting. You cannot write wiki biography on whomever you want. There are certain rules, which you must obey. The first one is the notability principle. The person must be notable, authentic and well known. He must have done something, which many people are aware of.

Gather Information

A well-written biography is the one, which has comprehensive information about the life, career and struggles of the person. You have to add separate and detailed information in each section of his or her life. In your biography show links to the prominent websites from where you have extracted the information.

A biography without proper citation is of no use. How can you make the reader believe that whatever you have written is true? Wikipedia editors have to look into each link to gather most trustable and reliable information.

Create a Flow

A biography is huge enough to maintain a proper flow. Writers have to face a lot of trouble in maintaining a proper flow throughout their content. Sometimes, writers add information or eliminate paragraphs that disturb the flow. Taking breaks during writing can also create an impact on your flow. Try not to do such mistakes and keep a smoothness throughout the document.


Before sending your document to the professional editor always recheck your content. Your work may have several small typos grammatical errors, poor sentence structures or writing issues. The official editors reject content having all such flaws. Therefore, recheck but not over-edit your draft as over-editing can ruin the quality too.

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