Persuasive articles are often used to convince the reader to take a specific course of action, and there is an art to writing content that does this effectively. Persuasive writing has many purposes, such as encouraging people to get behind a good cause, to use it to bring more sales to a business, or to highlight an argument either for or against something. Writing persuasively, though, is harder than you may believe, and so, if you’re looking for tips on how to craft the perfect persuasive articles, consider the following points.

Know your Audience

To persuade an audience, you have to know what they want. You need to understand their hopes and dreams, so that youare able to write copy that speaks to them. Show them that you know what their struggles are and that you have the solution. Use a strong call-to-action throughout your writing,so your readers are leftwith no doubt as to what they need to do to solve their problems, be it to buy a certain product, hire a service or even reflect inwardly.

Be Subtle

No one likes to be told what to do, and so if your article is also for monetization gain through the use of affiliate programs, your copy needs to be subtle. Be truthful; you need to have used and tried to product and service, otherwise you are being dishonest and could be easily caught out by someone who has used it. Also, incorporate your affiliate products into a story naturally. You need to have built a relationship with your readers, otherwise why would they trust you?

Make it easy-to-read

Did you ever stop to wonder how readers actually view a page? Well, rather than read things word by word, text on a website is usually scanned. This means readers actively read some words and phrases but skim over the rest. To make sure that your message is being taken in, it is best to use short, punchy sentences. Break up your text into small chunks and separate with white space on the page. Use bullet points to get important information across.

You want your readers to be able to understand the benefits of your topic, and how it can help them, without having to put a lot of effort into reading about it.

Language that Stands Out

Using words that stand out is a way to make your audience take notice of what you are saying, so throw in some wacky words now and again to get your message to stick in their minds. For example, you could use amusing analogies to describe your audiences’ situation,and resolution, such as ‘don’t dawdle your way to the future… get there faster than a hungry dog on skates!’

Writing good persuasive website copy is one of the most important factors in getting an audience engaged with your content enough to perform some sort of action. Get to know your audience as well as you can, andthis will be your springboard to all your writing. It is a skill that takes time to develop but the more you write, the better you will get, and the more your leads and links will convert into sales.

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