Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such a huge world. There are various activities which we have to focus on doing SEO. After the content creation for your website, the link building is one of the most important things to do. As it is showing with the name of link building, it means to build the backlinks to your site. More the numbers of quality backlinks to your site will be the more beneficial for the websites. If you are wondering to know more about the SEO link building guide, then this article will help you in this regards.

Search engines ranked your website by its authority,and there are various parameters which would be helpful to rank your site quickly. Link building is one of those parameters which a search engine will check thoroughly. This is the responsibility of an SEO expert to create a comprehensive network of back links using various methods. Generally, there are two basic methods of link building one is legitimate and the second one is an illegitimate method of link building.

Legitimate Methods of Link Building

There are various ways which would be helpful legitimate methods for link building as follows;

Development of Quality Website: This is the most authentic way of link building. If your site is designed and developed excellently, then the other people will contact you to link their site to yours. This is also called a spontaneous method of link building.

Guest Posting: This is also one of the most authentic ways of link building. There are various websites on the internet which are offering to write for them. In the return of your writing, these sites will award you a link to your site. This is the most popular way of link building,and the majority of the websites are using this method to do so.

Content Marketing: This is another best source of link building. In this method, the user will write content and spread it on the internetby way of using his or her social accounts. The users of social account will get the content,and resultantly your site got huge traffic. For this purpose, you can hire some expert writer or an agency of writers. At the end of your article, there would be your personal information and a link to your site.

Blog Writing: This is also a fruitful way for link building. If you are habitual to update your blog, then you can create a huge network of link building.

Illegitimate Method of Link Building

In SEO link building guidethis method is being used by the smart websites. In this method, the websites are exchanging their links with each other. This method is also called link farming. This is a huge database for one way link. Whenever you will join any link farm your site, immediately you site will get 10,000 links which will automatically increase ranking in search engine.This method is not too much recommended by the experts as well as the search engine. When your site hits by the search bot, then your ranking and the quality would be suffered andthe whole of your efforts would be starting down.

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