Are you looking for an anosmia explainer video? One that will not only educate but also excite and engage your audience? Then you have come to the right place. I am a big fan of explainer videos and today I will share step by step method to create an explainer animation video especially for beginners.

How to Create an Explainer Animation Video – A Beginner’s Guide:

What is an explainer animated video?

Explainer videos are short (typically) videos that explain the products or services to tells the company’s story. Although explainer videos are can be animated from digital drawing, hand drawing or live actions but these days animation has taken over the explainer videos.

For example, if we take an example of the water cycle: it can be beautifully demonstrated with an animated explainer video, efficiently illustrate each phase and help your audience understand the entire cycle without any hassle.

Steps for making animated explainer videos:

You can either create you can make your own animated videos or hire a video animation company to get you animated explainer video. Here are few steps to make an animated explainer video all by yourself.

Step 1: write an outstanding script

The script is a backbone of an explainer video. An explainer video is all about summarizing the product, services, and brand. The animated video script plays an essential part in explaining your idea of the audience so that they can easily understand it, but it is the hardest part too, keeping your script brief as well as informative at the same time.

You need to start by brainstorming your ideas. Now think about your audience, who they are and how they understand any idea, your goal is to come up with an idea which your audience can understand and take away with you. Compile a killer script which conveys your message in the best way.

Step 2: choose your animation style

Now once your script is ready, you need to choose the best animation style. It is determining how your explainer video will look, also setting the tone of your video through the right animation style. Here are four animation style which will take your idea to miles:

• Doodle marker style: it is a whiteboard style which is perfect for a business explanation, product and brand descriptions.

• Clean graphics style: it is more modern touch to your animation where you can choose as many visuals as you want. It helps you with additional elements to build and support the story, select and style fun and unique characters, skin tones and features to make them stand out.

• Infographic style: infographic style can be the most favorite choice for more corporate and professional feel compared to other options you have.

• Video blocks: if you have trouble selecting the animated video style then this is your best bet where you can choose from tons of stock photos, graphical objects, motion graphics, illustrations and stock videos.

Step 3: create your animations

Now it is time to create your explainer video but keep in mind that unlike other animated videos most of the explainer videos based on the theory of “less is better” approach. That is why always deliver your message in a friendly, simple and memorable way. Also, avoid any unnecessary elements and character which will distract your viewers from the central message. Thumb rule, keep your explainer video animation fun, clever and simple.

Step 4: record your voice-overs, add music

Next step is to add music and voiceover to your video. Also, make sure that the voice over and music used in the video is high quality to give your explainer video more professional look. Prepare a script and then speak so it will be clearer and stead. Make sure that voiceover is not interrupted and the music suits the professional mode of your explainer video.

Step 5: share your explainer video

The main point of creating explainer video is to share with the people who matter as well as need it most to deliver your idea and message to them. An explainer video is more than giving them a message it is all about communicating your vision through a captivating story.

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